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I learned so much about my dog, my own brain, and how to build a better relationship with my dogs. Especially with my 2-year-old, who is very different than every other dog I've known. Mar 02, Stef rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction , audiobooks. Josh and I listened to half of this on our road trip to DC. I had already read the book a few months ago. With Charlie in tow in the back of the car, it made for a lovely conversation piece.

Josh hasn't read an entire book on dogs just puppy training , and this was my way of sneaking in some information. We got through the chapter on facial expressions and we are now paranoid that Charlie rarely smiles. Still, it was a great book to listen to since Charlie was going to be with my two year old n Josh and I listened to half of this on our road trip to DC.

Still, it was a great book to listen to since Charlie was going to be with my two year old niece. It is obvious that he is gleefully joyful around her.

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He was so gentle. We even filmed some of it so we could further study the interaction. There was one facial expression that i never noticed on my dog out of the four basic ones of anger, joy, disgust and fear and it was disgust. That was the perfect way to describe the look in his face when I told him to stay for a picture with my niece Ella, and she kept pulling on his ear. He leaned as far away as possible without breaking the stay command. What a trooper!

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Apr 13, Keith Lytton rated it it was amazing. I learned what to look for in other dogs when walking my own I was able to discern what other dogs were looking at and how they were responding to Akira which allowed me to keep him close before the growl or lunge happened I give it the best rating Aug 07, Mario rated it it was ok. I hesitate to give a more substantial rating to this book as I just couldn't get motivated to read further than the preface and about 12 pages more.

It really lacked the concise, accessible language I had hoped for and instead delved a bit too deeply into physiology and anatomy of the brain. View 1 comment. Apr 13, Diana Wilson rated it it was ok.

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This review is difficult because I listened to it on Audible and the author didn't create a PDF of the images for download. I want to rate the book very low for this as most other books provide a supplement at no additional price if there are visuals. However, the book is really informative and I found the information helpful. It still irritates me that I had to purchase the hard copy to get the 'full story', so I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth.

Don't buy this on Aud This review is difficult because I listened to it on Audible and the author didn't create a PDF of the images for download. Don't buy this on Audible 4 stars for the actual book. Sep 09, Melinda rated it it was amazing Shelves: animal-behavior-self-study. Does your dog really love you? If you want to know how to really answer that question, this is the book for you. Patricia McConnell aggregates the best science available to answer a range of questions about how dogs think, feel and experience the world.

She wraps it in her typical, very readable prose with real life anecdotes and examples that tie it all together and pull at the heart strings of any animal lover. Feb 16, Gillian rated it it was amazing. But after listening to it, I have a new perspective on my relationship with my dog, and picked up a few things on how to bond and connect with my dog.

Enjoyed it a lot! Jul 26, Kristen Dyer rated it it was amazing. I wish I'd read this book 2 years ago! It helped me understand why, in the aftermath of a dog attack, my young dog, who was not injured, became more afraid about seeing dogs on walks over time not right away and why my older dog, who was badly injured, is not afraid of other dogs after the attack.

Another good book by Patricia B McConnell. If you're a trainer or behaviorist with an interest in the science behind behavior or don't mind a bit of science, this a good book. There is good information about how to read a dog's body language - an must for anyone with dogs. Dec 20, Sarah Gonzalez rated it it was amazing. So helpful! Highly reccommend it to anyone who has a dog or is interested in dog behavior!! Aug 31, Lectus rated it did not like it Shelves: adult , abandoned. Why can't people just write something simple and straight forward?

A lot of blah blah blah to tell you one tiny thing about emotions in a dog. Feb 25, Audrey rated it it was amazing. Skye the puppy seems to feel better about it too. Aug 29, Andrew Mull rated it really liked it. Most thorough and scientific book on dog psychology and dog philosophy I've read yet. Sep 20, Katrina Kieren rated it it was amazing. Sep 23, Katy Koivastik rated it it was amazing.

Aug 04, Rosey rated it it was amazing. Excellent science Well written. Helpful to those who have dogs and instructive and enjoyable to those who do not. Jan 09, Heather Mishefske rated it it was amazing. Anyone who owns, lives with or works with dogs needs to read this to learn how to help them understand how to live in a world with primates. It's now been long enough since I finished this book that I don't quite remember much other than that I a liked this book a lot and b found it very helpful for understanding doggy body language.

Jan 31, Ariadna73 rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Dog lovers. Shelves: hands-on-books , chronics , essay. I loved this book because I love dogs. If I could, I would adopt every dog that needs a home and love. I am a big fan of those Hope For Paws videos where the dogs are rescued with lots of effort and love, and their souls blosom. A substantial part of this book is dedicated to learn how to "read" in the faces and other physical expressions of dogs. It is very educative and absolutely interesting. This is my favorite photo of the book: a happy dog side by side with a woman making a happy face.

It i I loved this book because I love dogs. It is evident how much we have in common with our best friends in terms of facial language. This is the cover and jacket of the book i read. There is a small photo of the author with one of her favorite dogs. The funny thing is that as she ages, her dogs are older too! This is the editorial information of the book, the dedicatory to "her guys", and a quotation from Rabindranath Tagore: "Daily, in the morning, this faithful dog, silent, sits near me, till I recognize him with a touch.

At my little notice his body erupts in waves, streams of joy.

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This is the first page of the introduction. The book is written in plain and italics font. When the font is italics, it is because the author is talking about her beloved dog and her experiences with him. This is the last paragraph of the book. Reading this book was a highly valuable experience for me. And while his three children, now in their 20s and studying or working away from home, can no longer always be present, one member of the household never misses the occasion. You would have to ask my children, but I very much hope the dogs have made me a better father. Even in households such as his own, until recently filled with the bustle of children, a pet can play a central role.

Mitzpah, he admits, is particularly devoted to him. A few years later, baby Amos arrived. He and Safi became inseparable. It was Kadya who was largely responsible for training Mitzpah, who arrived when Safi was 14, teaching him, among other skills, to walk through hoops and navigate a see-saw. Family holidays were designed to accommodate the dogs. The peculiar puppy suited them perfectly. They named him Bulu, or "wild dog" in the local Nyanja language.

Bulu found his calling as a foster parent to the orphaned baby animals—including warthogs, monkeys, elephants, baboons, bushbucks, and buffalo—cared for by the Tolans. Bulu's story is a joyful confirmation of dogs as unique spirits, capable of love, compassion, and bravery. Packed with vivid descriptions of encounters with crocodiles, lions, leopards, poisonous snakes, armed poachers, and more, Bulu: African Wonder Dog is for readers of all ages. Bill Berloni has spent the past thirty years training dogs and cats for Broadway productions, primarily using animals rescued from shelters.

As a high schooler in , Berloni had rescued an Airedale mixed breed only hours before the dog was slated for euthanasia. The terrier was cast as Sandy in the musical Annie and performed there for seven years. Bill also writes about being the first to train actors to work with animals on stage, his love for mutts over purebreds, as well as the four-acre animal retirement compound where he lives. In Chaser , we discover just exactly how this very special Border Collie achieved the seemingly impossible. In Decoding Your Dog , over 60 top experts from the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists have teamed up to give you the most cutting-edge, scientifically accurate information on why our dogs do what they do and how we can prevent and solve common canine behavior problems.

It starts with understanding our dogs, and why they act in certain ways. Decoding Your Dog provides step-by-step training methods, advice, and remedies for behavior problems. The contributors of this book could not have made it any easier. Patrick Regan recounts 24 real-life rescue stories collected from pilots and their animal-rescue counterparts on the ground. The short, captivating stories are accompanied by more than adorable, poignant color photos. The stories in Dog Is My Co-pilot range from hilarious to heartrending—but the endings are always happy.

Most of the pilots will tell you that when these dogs board the plane, they know they are being rescued. They are the lucky ones because waiting for them on the ground, hundreds of miles away, is a second chance at a happy life with a loving family. Poetry Dogku is filled with delightful haiku poems about living with dogs. Each haiku is illustrated with a photo.

Health This book will help you understand the many benefits of canine massage and bodywork. Learn basic techniques to support the physical as well as emotional health of the animals you love. Bradshaw debunks a range of popular dog advice, explaining that, far from being domesticated wolves driven by a need for dominance, dogs are unique creatures that have evolved to socialize—and live in harmony—with other species, most notably our own.

Bradshaw uses the latest scientific research to show how humans can live in harmony with--not just dominion over-- their four-legged friends. Inspirational Learn about the precious gifts that people receive from their dogs. Informational Imagine being able to ask your poodle, "Who's at the door? The K9Sign system teaches dogs to communicate to us-making it a first in any dog training book category. This extraordinary education tool, developed by the creator of AnimalSign Language exclusively for the canine community, teaches people and their pets a unique mode of communication that employs an extensive lexicon of specific signs.

Sample signs range from general concepts, such as "Food" or "Play" to identifying special treats, such as "Liver" or "Cheese" and specifying a favorite toy, such as "Ball" or "Frisbee. Don't Dump the Dog is written by dog rescuer, Randy Grim. Grim has heard every reason under the sun. But before you load Fido into the back of your car, read this book. With humor, and from his vast experiences with abandoned dogs, he reveals exactly what you can do to remain calm and fix every bad behavior problem.

Everyday Dogs celebrates the powerful connection between people and their canine companions through images and literary quotes. The images are of ordinary and extraordinary people and their pooches at home, in the wild, on the farm, atop a Yosemite waterfall, and occasionally even in a formal photo studio.

Accompanying the images are literary tributes and warm, often humorous and insightful observations and quirky quotes about the human-canine relationship by letter writers, journal keepers and famed scribes. Freddi the Dog is a delightful children's book. Every kid will identify with Freddi. She is the nicest, sweetest mose lovable dog, but she has one teeny, weeny, itsy, bitsy, tiny, naughy bone that gets her in loads of trouble. In "Small Dog, Big Life" Genevieve invites you into the inner sanctum of dogdom, revealing canine secrets never before shared with humans, while also passing on her devious tricks-of-the-trade to her legions of furry fans.

It is insightful, entertaining, and peppered with sophistication, wit, and charm. A crash course on canine cancer, for all dog lovers. Covers prevention, diagnosis, treatment options, side effects, diet, supplements and home care. Medical animal writer Kaplan shares journey with her own lymphoma survivor, Bullet. A must read for those who have a dog with cancer.

At the turn of the century, the Pit Bull was a family dog. More recently they have been given a reputation for being an aggressive breed only good for dogfighting. Today, more than ever, Pit Bulls are contributing to society as pets, athletes, service dogs, therapy dogs, and educators. The relationship between dogs and humans is arguably the most fascinating animal-human bond because dogs evolved from wild creatures to become our companions, an adaptation that changed their bodies, brains, and behavior.

Yet dogs always remain animals, familiar but mysterious.

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With a light touch and the weight of science behind her, Alexandra Horowitz examines the animal we think we know best but may actually understand the least. This book is as close as you can get to knowing about dogs without being a dog yourself. During the expansion of the Ventura Freeway in Los Angeles, Willard Carroll unearthed a leather-bound scrapbook from a site that was once a pet cemetery.

To his amazement, its yellowing pages contained the rags-to-riches story of Terry, the Cairn Terrier who played Toto in the enduring film The Wizard of Oz. Each rescue mission is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants experience, and no animal is truly safe until its paws touch American soil. Terri and her team have saved the lives of hundreds of dogs and cats befriended by military personnel since February , and No Buddy Left Behind tells their stories. This book is not only about rescued dogs and cats, but also about U. Let's Have a Dog Party!