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In defining church music in this way, Hustad provides us with a different tool by which to measure excellence and appropriateness. Funerals, weddings, soloists, applause, evangelism are all topics addressed in this discussion. This book will be instructive no matter what musical or theological background the reader brings to it. Revolutions in Worldview: Understanding the Flow of Western Thought traces the historical development of the Western mind through ten eras.

It explores the fundamental ideas that revolutionized the way in which people thought and acted from the ancient Greeks and the biblical writers through the Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment, Modern, and Postmodern periods. The Oxford History of Christian Worship. The Oxford History of Christian Worship is a comprehensive and authoritative history of the origins and development of Christian worship to the present day.

Early Christian Worship - An Introduction To Ideas And Practice Paperback

Backed by an international roster of experts as contributors, this new book will examine the liturgical traditions of Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant, and Pentecostal traditions throughout history and across the world. Following contemporary trends in scholarship, it will cover social and cultural contexts, material culture and the arts.

Written to be accessible to the educated layperson, this unique and beautiful volume will also appeal to clergy and liturgists and more generally to students and scholars of the liturgy, Christian theology, church history, and world history. Reformation Thought: An Introduction. Reformation Thought, 4th edition offers an ideal introduction to the central ideas of the European reformations for students of theology and history. Written by the bestselling author and renowned theologian, Alister McGrath, this engaging guide is accessible to students with no prior knowledge of Christian theology.

This new edition of a classic text has been updated throughout with the very latest scholarship. Includes greater coverage of the Catholic reformation, the counter-reformation, and the impact of women on the reformation. Explores the core ideas and issues of the reformation in terms that can be easily understood by those new to the field. Student-friendly features include images, updated bibliographies, a glossary, and a chronology of political and historical ideas. Stapert draws parallels between the pagan cultures of the early Christian era and our own multicultural realities, enabling readers to comprehend the musical ideas of early Christian thinkers, from Clement and Tertullian to John Chrysostom and Augustine.

This book addresses a highly complex and elusive matter: why the Christian Church was able to contribute so generously to music from its earliest days through the 18th century and why it has suffered since that time from a creeping artistic paralysis. Modern attitudes and assumptions often find the values and accomplishments of the Christian worldview enigmatic, even repellant, and church music has come to be one of the primary areas in which the tension between conflicting worldviews continues to be worked out on a daily basis. This thoughtful work investigates the historical interaction of theology, philosophy and music, and will be of interest to church musicians, theologians, music historians and cultural anthropologists.

In its concluding chapter this work explores a number of basic questions: In what sense, if any, can the arts and then the fine arts be considered profoundly significant for modern society? Is there a meaningful role for artists of genius and total commitment? Do the arts and then the fine arts have any profound significance for the Church in the modern world?

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Early Christians Worship

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