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In May I travelled halfway across the world on my own to a country that was completely foreign to me. Every step I made on that Wall was one step closer to feeling better. I will never forget the breathtaking views of the historic Pass of Huangyaguan, the abrupt mountains and cultural atmosphere. I will never forget the feeling of being embraced by the friends I made in China who also ran for similar reasons. China was the biggest challenge of my life - not just because I had to run The goal I set myself during a depressive episode had been reached through perseverance and grit.

This was strength I never knew I had. The race gave me perspective in every way possible: that I was enough. If I can run For once in my life, I actually felt alive. What she meant that day was lost in translation, but what came out of her mouth stayed with me for years to come. Less than 18 months ago, I spiraled into a dark place, one where I wrote a note and made a plan.

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But instead of executing said plan, I threw on my sneakers and headphones and headed out the door. I cried during that run. Thick, heavy tears rolled down my cheeks as I considered leaving my daughter.

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I took life one second and step at a time and the following morning she found me, very much alive. Of course, the benefits of exercise on mental health are well known. Running can be meditative.

How depression saved my life

The silence is calming. My focus shifts from my brain to my body. A study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found regular exercise improves the quantity and quality of your sleep which, in turn, improves your mood. Taking your run outside will help your body produce more vitamin D , a nutrient that lessens depressive symptoms, and exercise is such an effective antidepressant that in some countries — such as Australia, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands — exercise is the first line of treatment for depression.

Does that mean you should throw out your medications and throw on some running shoes? Absolutely not. I am an avid runner and still take three pills a day. You have a lot of that stuff to deal with - when you don't really have the ability to deal with it. Nowadays, Gary gains strength from acknowledging his vulnerability.

As a SeeChange ambassador, he is committed to removing the stigma around mental illness. I'm a nervous flyer and I'll have to fly to the North Pole on a Russian cargo plane. Follow Gary's progress at To donate, visit habitatireland.

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Gary is holding a fundraiser in the Abbey Tavern, Howth, on March 6 from 8pm with live music from local bands. Reduced alcohol: "You're self-medicating with that alcohol and it feels nice. For the few hours you're having a glass of wine, you don't have to think about it, but in the long-term, it's preventing you from beating depression. When you're full of anxiety and fear, you believe that people around you will tell you to snap out of it. However, nine times out of 10, you'll get the answers you wouldn't have expected.

Your family will pc come behind you. It's a form of group therapy in which fellow members provide each other with feedback. I'm aware of those that suck the life out of me. You can remain acquaintances with these people if you're strong and positive enough, but you need to protect yourself from negativity.

Don't read thrillers about serial killers when you're depressed. They are feeding you full of negativity. I commend myself for every effort so I'm constantly feeding back in positivity. I always endorse the effort, no matter how small the achievement. In particular, greens - spinach, kale and broccoli - are powerful for the mind. There's no question that in today's busy world, we're more stressed and anxious than ever. Last year, a study by the UK's Mental Health Foundation revealed that 74pc of us have felt so stressed we were overwhelmed or unable to cope - and women seem to bear the It's hard to pinpoint when exactly it started, but we are stuck in an era obsessed with positivity.

HOW CLINICAL DEPRESSION SAVED MY LIFE... (and made me a monster)

I was depressed and crippled with anxiety Running saved my life Gary Seery was depressed, crippled with anxiety and self-medicating with alcohol, until running gave him the lifeline he desperately needed Gary Seery with his wife, Lisa, and children, Ella 9 , Mollie Rose 3 and Paul Photo: El Keegan. Gary Seery.

Running saved my life.

Sleeping on My Couch Saved My Life: Recovery and Major Depression | Mazzoni Center

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