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Lifelong singleness not an issue for missionary surgeon

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Naylor spoke in science and missions classes as well as at First Baptist Church of Arkadelphia and an associational missions rally at Park Hill Baptist Church in Arkadelphia. Visiting Arkadelphia where her father was pastor of First Baptist Church when she was an infant, Naylor recalled that she first felt called to medical missions at age After completing medical training, she was appointed to India as a missionary surgeon in Over the years, she also has served as a hospital administrator, teacher, fund-raiser, church planter and in a variety of other leadership roles.

Noting that India has changed drastically over the years, Naylor said the city of Bangalore has grown from 1. BP: What have been the greatest advantages and disadvantages of serving God as a single woman? Naylor: Advantages -- more opportunities to minister with Bible studies and church work outside of work, able to invest in hospital leadership roles, able to invest more in people.

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Disadvantages -- separation from family, which is not unique to singles but different [with] more long-lasting effects in retirement years. BP: Did your singleness affect the way you were perceived on the mission field at home and abroad? Naylor: People's perception depends on earning their respect and trust, and I was able to do that in both cultures. I am not sure being single has anything to do with that. Naylor's family and friends never focused on her singleness either.

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In the chapter titled "Miss Naylor," Hornbeck relates a story of a gentleman who rang Naylor's doorbell, which the doctor "shook off sleep" to answer. Behind the door, Naylor found a man Hornbeck described as short, round and dressed in a beautiful silk suit. I know of you.

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I must see you, for I am a great admirer of yours and desire that we become husband and wife," Hornbeck relates the story. Clearly he saw her not as a doctor but as someone beyond that role -- that of a single woman, Miss Naylor. Operating from a central bureau in Nashville, Tenn. Toggle navigation. Tags: Rebekah Naylor singleness international missions. Email To Friend. BP reports on missions, ministry and witness advanced through the Cooperative Program and on news related to Southern Baptists' concerns nationally and globally.

Download Story. Related News Rebekah Naylor plans to 'simply adjust' after year missions career in India.