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You have the kibbutz stories, the army stories Stay in the loop, sign up for email updates about events, news and offers. Thank you for signing up. You will receive a confirmation email soon. Who is Israeli short-story writer Etgar Keret?

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Image Credit. Tuesday, July 9, - It was a zip. A teensy zip. But when she pulled at it, her whole Tsiki opened up like an oyster, and inside was Jurgen. The Guardian interview.

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Etgar Keret

In Etgar Keret's memoir, a psychic map of modern Israel — Haaretz. I was embarrassed to admit that I found a freedom in the anonymity of English, in its lightness, in our lack of shared history. I hope you read it and understand us better, as we attempt to understand you. But the dedication irked me.

But then the first thing I did when I heard of his death on Dec.

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I began reading it, immediately feeling foolish and guilty for waiting for as long as I had. As I might have expected, the book is a wonder, filled with humor, heart, and insight. Perhaps the name was a self-fulfilling prophecy, because Oz was a courageous writer and a courageous man.

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As a writer, I learned from him to push beyond my comfort zone, to dare to write truthfully about my home and my culture, to strive for precision and beauty. I also learned from him to fight for my beliefs and ideas, and not to be afraid to let them be heard. He was also, I learned, a champion of many emerging writers, many who have been sharing on social media over the last few days supportive notes and letters that Oz had sent them in the beginning of their careers and even as teens. I realize now that had I been brave enough to write to him when I was younger, he probably would have been just as kind and generous to me.

I think the gospel should come from women and men who are younger, from a completely different background than my own.

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Watching him now, looking less robust than I remembered, heartbreakingly vulnerable in his old age and illness, but with the same spark of wit and wisdom in his eyes he had always carried, I am grateful to him for leaving us not only with his remarkable literary legacy, but also for these hopeful, generous words. Ayelet Tsabari is the author of the forthcoming memoir The Art of Leaving.

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