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Mild temps all year long so you never have to endure really cold nights or really hot days, lots of bleeding heart liberals who are probably more generous with their pocket change than more callous cities, and beautiful scenery all around. I live in SF and it would be here. I still love it here. I love the bay area, but the actual city of SF is pretty cold. My brother lives in Palo Alto and the weather there is almost perfect.

Ummm, actually Employee benefits in SF are tops in the nation. Also, if you work in SF you can get free healthcare, called healthy SF. Has the highest minimum wage in the nation. Also, has the top hourly-overtime benefits of any city in America.

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Def one of the best places in America to work - not to mention the benefits for maternity and paternity leave. I guess I should have been more clear. I am not talking about city workers, but professionals who work for corporations.

The employee healthcare for restaurant workers is a joke. I know restaurants that charge it but then the employees don't get healthcare.

‘Fun for all the family’

I dunno why but there are surprisingly a shit ton of bums in traverse city so I imagine they must be doing something right by bums standard up here. For the mainland I'd take Santa Fe over SD and SF if I were homeless because although Santa Fe's winters are a little colder they are much drier and for the temp range F if I stay dry I can stay warm by dressing for it, but if I'm wet there's no way to stay warm. Similarly, although Santa Fe is warmer in the summer though still not hot the high desert is dry so it's not bad--as a homeless bum I could nap on a shady park bench from noon to two.

I heard San Diego has an extremely large homeless population.

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And although he mingled among aristocracy and dined on the finest foods, he wasn't born in the chambers of the elite -- but rather in a kennel. This is the story of Bum, a street dog who won the heart of a city. Much of what is known of Bum's life comes from his close companion and biographer James Edward Friend, a journalist who often wrote of his exploits about town in a colorful blend of fact and fantasy.

According to Friend, Bum was born in San Francisco in July to a stray, who along with all but one of her puppies was put down.

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A fire company took Bum in as their station pet, but he soon proved too independent-minded for domestic life, earning the St. Bernard-Spaniel mix his trampish title. Legend has it that Bum then boarded the steamboat Santa Rosa as a stowaway, arriving to San Diego in December where he met Friend not long after.

Life in his adopted city wasn't always easy, however.


During a skirmish with a bulldog at the rail yard, the two were hit by a train, severing part of Bum's front right foot and killing the other dog. This page provides all the information you need to know about Butler Airport, United States.

This page is created with the aim of helping travelers and tourists visiting United States or traveling to Butler Airport. Richards-Gebaur Airport - General information include capital of United States, currency and conversion rate of United States currency, Telephone Country code, exchange rate against US Dollar and Euro in case of major world currencies etc

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