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Sounds wonderful.

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I did make the Martha pasta ages ago and liked it a lot. What a pillow! When we tucked into the simplest of pasta dishes, it was SO amazing. It was that good! My favorite pasta memory comes from the summer after my senior year of high school. My girlfriend and I made pappardelle from scratch, along with a simple summer tomato sauce with fresh basil, in the kitchen of a home were she was housesitting.

We ate it on the screened back porch. My favorite pasta memories are pasta parties with my cross country team where 30 runners would gather in one house and eat boatloads of pasta before meets. She has been gone for 15 years, but I still make that recipe all the time because it is SO good and it makes me think of her. I love that my fiance loves it too — he never got to meet either of my grandparents so it makes me happy that he has gotten to know them through food :.

I remember learning to make a simple tomato sauce at school in home ec and then coming home excited about it and having my mom help make it that same night. My favorite pasta memory comes from when I first started cooking five years ago. Until then, I had been a bachelorette — eating frozen burritos for dinner most nights.

When I started dating my now-husband, I became more ambitious and interested in food. One winter night I got the nerve to make linguine with clams one of our favorite dishes all on my own. It turned out great and we had a lovely dinner. That time when my mom improvised and made dan dan noodles with spaghetti — that woman can seriously make anything delicious.

She would only refer to pasta as macaroni, and sauce as gravy. On the other hand, we were met with many disastrous results when we were dating and making fresh pasta, enough to where we wanted to catalogue them by way of our engagement pictures so that they are forever recorded for us! One of my first dates with my now husband was making a meal of shrimp fettuccine alfredo together!

When I was little my mom, as a recent immigrant from Vietnam, would try to recreate things she had tried in restaurants with varying degrees of success. My favorite, by far, was her version of spaghetti, which she would mispronounce as super-getti. She would throw garlic, onions, and cooked pasta into a giant wok, squirt in ketchup and sriracha, and toss until everything was kinda crispy and caramelized. Two years ago my husband and I joined our daughter and family in Montefalco, Italy, for a day trip to enjoy the small town and surrounding country side with many vineyards and olive groves.

It was a special day and unforgettable. We, of course, had to bring some of the wine and olive oil home to South Carolina, to see if we could recreate our wonderful meal. He had just perfected his udon noodle ratios and we made 7 foot long noodles. As people arrived we would hand them a bowl with just one noodle in stock. At the end of the night my husband told them how if they ate two bowls they consumed more than 12 feet of noodle. It blew some minds. I love your site! My favorite pasta memory is not elegant, to be sure, but it is very much a point of nostalgia for myself and my sister.

When I was in elementary school, my parents bought a house and were left with very little money. I cannot tell you how many times we had this, but remember looking in the oven at the bubbly, cheesy topping and making sure that there was enough for us to have a second, or third, bowl of it.

Oh, those were the days! I loved learning to make pasta from scratch from my Nana. My wife and I fell in love with a simple date-night dish that is fennel sausage with chives and linguine pasta. Add cooked linguine we have done it with homemade and store-bought — both delicious. Pile in the fresh chives with a touch of red chili flakes. Now serve and top with the good extra virgin olive oil. To this day, every year on his birthday, I make him mac and cheese.

I loved spaghetti night as a kid. All those yummy carbs! We would always have spaghetti, jarred sauce and buttery garlic bread. I especially liked the ends of the baguette.

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I would scoop out the center of the bread, leaving the crust and plop in some of the spaghetti from my plate. Next, I would sprinkle on some parm cheese and gobble it up. A mini bread bowl! I thought it was such a tasty good idea that I declared I would open a restaurant that served this creation. Maybe someday…. Homemade sauce with fresh garden tomatoes and herbs with homemade meatballs.

Best comfort food ever! Definitely when I hand rolled fresh pappardelle and paired it with a bolognese sauce. My favorite pasta memory is the time I fell asleep, face down, in a full plate of spaghetti. I was a very tired child and frequently fell asleep mid-meal at the dinner table. The best part, my parents assumed I would wake up the second my face hit the plate…. They had to jostle me awake. I was out! My dad would make the chicken and stock while my mom makes the noodles. I was allowed to start helping at about 7. It was so much to roll out the dough and then use the electric knife to cut them all into strips after the dough has dried.

Now I love making this recipe with my own kids! This looks so amazing. My favorite pasta memory is the spaghetti dinner my friend hosted for me prior to running my first marathon! It was kind of like a spaghetti bar…with different sauces and veggies to add, and she invited my family and friends none of whom were running with me but it made me feel so supported. And all those carbs definitely helped me rock that marathon!

When we started dating, the first meal my boyfriend ever made me was spaghetti and meatballs on Valentines day. So instead of going out and battling to get a reservation at a restaurant every year. Favorite pasta memory was making carbonara for the first time. Everything was pretty smooth-going and delicious-smelling, until we had to combine the egg mixture with the pasta and bacon. My first pot was an aluminum piece with a plastic handle that would crack after the third use, but before it did I remember watching a frothy mix of water and starchy spaghetti swirl while I stood barefoot on the cold grimy tiles of a shared dormitory kitchen.

The spaghetti softened. I managed to pour out the water and hold the pasta in the pot with a fork. I dumped a can of tuna on top of it and added a slice of processed cheese. And I knew that I was going to be okay. I still have yet to try the one pot pasta phenomenon, but this is inspiring!!

So my favorite pasta memory has to be the night a couple years ago when my then boyfriend suggested we stay in and make a big dinner together. I love to cook, so I was, of course, all in. So we made a delish lasagne with meat sauce and after dinner he got down on his knee and proposed.

Best pasta memory. All of my memories from when I am very young with my great grandmother involve her making ravioli and pasta sauce.

Every time my mother makes her sauce recipe I am immediately brought back to those times. Love you grandma! My mom made her awesome, super simple spaghetti carbonara after she finished her course of radiation for breast cancer. Love the pasta, love the feel goodery. Most people say it sounds kind of gross but it was my absolute favorite meal when I was little! I recently remembered it and had my mom show me how to make it.

I spent all day making homemade dough and getting the yolks to sit just right in their little nests. Right before I was about to toss them in the water, my cat jumped into the fridge right onto my fragile little ravioli and punctured a few, sending egg yolks exploding everywhere. Luckily, we were able to salvage some and it was definitely a memorable pasta occasion that makes me laugh looking back on it. One of my favorite pasta memories is the time my boyfriend and i tried to make homemade pasta in college.

It ended up tasting pretty decent, just a little thick! One time my boyfriend and I were feeling lazy about cooking but wanted some indulgent comfort food. We decided on the obvious choice of mac and cheese, but since we were being lazy, we decided we would doctor up some boxed mac and cheese. It ended up being too much; there were way too many flavors of cheese happening. We tried to salvage it with some cooked bacon and broccoli but the cheese continued to overpower anything else we added.

By this point, we had spent more time and effort fixing up the boxed stuff than making it from scratch. We did eat our creation and suffered the stomach aches we deserved from going overboard on the cheese. Spaghetti with marinara was probably the first thing I learned to make on my own when I was little. Practicing over time helped me to refine my tastes and technique and create my ultimate comfort food. Wow, choosing a favorite pasta memory is really hard, especially because my mom is from Italy so pasta is a big part of my diet!

In the morning, we went to the fish market and bought the freshest fish from his friend the fisherman. It was a calamarata-shape pasta with scallops, fish, and clams in a very very light tomato sauce with a touch of cream. Calamarata is a pasta shape like a segment of a pacchero, or like a smooth mezze manico.

The smooth rings of pasta held the sauce and the small chunks of fish, and they were big enough to provide really satisfying bites. I loved it so much that I bought the calamarata pasta shape, which is difficult to find here in the US, and I am biding my time until I find seafood that will be able to hold a candle to what I tasted on the Tuscan coast.

I ordered plain pasta with some sort of garlic butter sauce and OMG! It was so good. I just remember having an amazing time with my lil bros, parents, and my cousin. Thank you so much for the give away. My favorite pasta memory is learning for the first time that keeping the pasta water to dilute the sauce makes all the difference! I think in a way that is similar to the one-pot pasta concept in that you are using the starchy juices.

A must try! My first ever pasta memory would have been when I went to a birthday party in my early teens and it was at the Cheesecake Factory. Upon tasting it, it blew my mind. Especially the soft ricotta. Funny though because ever since they started showcasing their calories, I have never gone back but I will never forget that pasta moment!

It has to be ravioli I ate in Italy. It was a cheese ravioli with a wonderful meat sauce. And the delicious braised short ribs or lamb to go on top. My favorite pasta memory is my mom packing a large serving of red sauce spaghetti with a ton of sauteed veggies for lunch. I would open up my thermos and it would still be slightly warm and the thought of what I had for lunch would make me anticipate eating it while in class.

My favorite pasta memory is from when my boyfriend and I took an Italian cooking class together. We are both inexperienced cooks but not terrible , so it was a lot of fun to learn a recipe and have the chef right there to give us tips! My mom and grandma make a HK-style macaroni and pork or beef kind of noodle soup. They would feed it to us as an after school snack or when we were sick, etc. My favorite pasta memory is of making ravioli with my grandfather when I was a little girl. I used to pull up a chair to stand on since I was too short to reach the counter on my own and help him mix the dough and fill the pasta with cheese or meat.

My grandfather would always give me a piece of the dough to create whatever I wanted with it. He truly nurtured my love of food and cooking by letting me be messy and creative in the kitchen. The first meal I ever cooked for my family was pasta. About two thirds of the way through the process of cooking it, I realized that Green Spaghetti was the same thing as pasta with pesto — a food I had sworn that I hated. When we sat down to ate, I was so proud of my work that I found myself enthusiastically eating my green pasta.

My grandma would always make it for me and serve it in the coolest turquoise serving bowl that I now have and serve the pasta in whenever I make it. My most favorite pasta moment was making spaghetti and meatballs for my boyfriend now husband. It was our first Valentines Day together in high school and I never made a meal from scratch or should I say, this was the first meal I ever made! I used my grandmothers recipe for the meat balls and I kind of winged the sauce. It turned out very garlicky, and very delicious.

My favorite pasta memory is probably watching my mom make homemade noodles for some of the best turkey-noodle soup on the planet. Eating gnocchi potato pasta counts, right?! My fondest memory of pasta has to be when I got it into my mind that I wanted to make burrata ravioli from scratch. It took way way longer than I expected to roll out the dough and actually assemble them.

My boyfriend jumped in to help me with it and I still remember how much fun it was just hanging out and laughing while we made them. In the end they turned out delicious and it turned out to be well worth the effort! My favorite pasta memory was learning how to plate pasta for photographs, in the nice little spiraled whorls from the tongs. So beautiful! My favorite pasta memory is making fresh pasta for the first time. Flour everywhere, irregular noodle size, just a giant mess. But it ended up being delicious and fun anyway. I had a fantastic bowl of fettucine with asparagus and panchetta in Firenze this past summer.

It was a wonderful, small restaurant and the dish was so fresh, so simple, and so satisfying. He would toss it in a light, home-made tomato sauce, with fresh shrimp and crab meat with lots of basil and some fresh chili peppers for a little kick. He would make a huge pot of this and my siblings and I would devour the entire thing. So yummy!

My favorite pasta memory was cooking with my friend at my condo during undergrad. It totally did. And then, sure enough, there were 5 more noodles sticking against the wall because we are six year olds at heart. S would bring us during her visits. It was a rare treat and I loved it. I had been saving the box for a special occasion, believe it or not. I also had the impression that these things kept forever, so I was a bit shocked to find out, right after I had strained the pasta, the box I was using had expired more than 3 years ago.

Of course I proceeded to serve it to both of us. Aside from a slight cardboard box taste it was fine. We are both still alive. My favorite memories of pasta are from when I studied abroad in Rome for a semester during college. They cooked pasta for us twice a day for lunch and dinner, and I ate it for four months. Nino and Nuncia gradually caught on to how much I loved their food and invited me in their kitchen to watch them cook…. The only problem was is that I spoke limited Italian, and they spoke limited English. One rainy Sunday I made a creamy one pot garlic and olive oil pasta dish for me and my family.

It was so cozy and comforting to enjoy the hot and creamy dish on the couch together. The day I discovered simple pasta sauce using san marzano tomatoes, a little olive oil and garlic. The memory of awful dorm food pasta has been forever erased, LOL. Awesome giveaway! My favorite pasta memory has to be when I discovered that I could actually make baked macaroni and cheese from scratch!

Of course I researched tirelessly for the best recipe and came across an oldie but goodie fannie farmer recipe. I made this incredible cheese sauce and have never looked back! The first time my baby girl had spaghetti and meat sauce homemade of course is my absolute favorite pasta-related memory. I wish I could enjoy spaghetti that way…oh the tragedies of being an adult! My favorite pasta memory is making spaghetti mozzarella stuffed meatballs for a large group of friends.

I come from a New-Jersian Italian mother and a slovakian father! I only got a few out of my bowl, when they caught on how wise they are. But when my mom saw what was happening, she asked me what on earth I was doing. Sinkers on the ceiling! My favorite pasta memory is learning to make handmade fettuccine and pappardelle with my mom and grandma in the kitchen my mom grew up in.

I remember rolling out the dough and running it through the hand-cranked pasta maker. I still use that recipe! I love this blog and make your yakiudon all. My sister and I tried cooking pasta together for the first time, and everything was just not going in our favor. My favorite pasta memory was watching Ina Garten make her lemon and garlic shrimp pasta on tv. It was before I had ever started cooking anything and this was my first inspiration!

I asked my mother to take me to the grocery store, I bought the ingredients, and made my first dish that nice. The pasta was so easy and light, it made me fall in love with a new hobby! Pasta has always played a big part in family meals at my house. When I was little we went to disney and I ate spaghetti the entire week for almost every meal! No regrets! Absolutely love the recipe and the photos and would be the happiest little busy bee if I won that Creuset brasier. Now how to choose my favorite pasta memory.

But maybe it would be when I first moved to Italy like 10yrs ago as a study abroad student. It was there that I first attempted to make homemade pasta. And being an over achiever I attempted to make ravioli. To say that I failed miserably would be an understatement. But my boyfriend at the time was kind enough to eat the meal without judging.

I still have happy memories of that dish, that day, that period in time despite the culinary disaster. My favorite pasta memory is when my dad taught me how to make lasagna when I was little. What a mess! But I was so proud of myself to have cooked the pasta perfectly and then the cheese on top burned, my dad very sweetly scraped it off and put a fresh layer to be cooked under HIS supervision haha. Lasagna is always a great memory for me and my dad. My first and most vivid pasta experience was in middle school home ec class.

We were taught to throw the spaghetti on the wall to check its doneness. Truth be told I still do it til this day! Pasta has always been a staple for me, especially in college because it was quick and easy. At one particular dining hall, they would make a pasta dish to order with your choice of sauce, veggies and cheese. My favorite was always an all green looking pasta with spinach, broccoli, asparagus and a pesto cream sauce. We all remembered how delicious it was. So we spent a night trying to do whatever we could to make it happen. The result was a thick but still edible! The sauce was way too thick but it was fun to try and just to hang out with friends reminiscing over the terribly not terrible dining hall dish.

Growing up in a Filipino household, our spaghetti was always sweeter with hot dogs in it. I think my favorite pasta memory will be when I see her next time and ask her to teach me how to make it :. Seeing the dining room table covered with homemade raviolis that my aunt and grandmother made from scratch—huge ravioli filled with sausage and swiss chard. My grandma taught me and my sisters how to make gnocchi — my favorite — from scratch.

Something about clearing off a whole table or counter and getting flour all over the place to roll the dough is so much fun. And then we did what we do best- eat! Angel hair pasta, pan seared scallops in lemon garlic basil sauce. It was the first dish my now husband made me on our first date! My favorite pasta memory is when I made it with my niece and nephew. It was great seeing a ten and seven year old putting so much effort in making fresh dough and rolling it.

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I wish I could attach a picture. But I have had some amazing pasta dishes, but one made by such innocence and love always end up tasting well. My favorite pasta memory is having maccheroni alla mugnaia at Le Virtu in Philadelphia. The entire dish is actually composed of one giant 6ft long noodle! The pasta itself is so flavorful that it only needs a very modest and simple sauce — olive oil, garlic, various hot peppers plus more on the side served in a cute basket with a pair of scissors, for you to add yourself!

It was spicy and simple and delicious! Best pasta memory is from growing up in California in an immigrant family and seeing someone on TV make lasagna for the first time. My mom and I decided to make it and went and bought the flat noodles, ricotta cheese, etc, but forgot the basil, so we added whatever herb we had around the house and some soy sauce to the tomato sauce, for you know, flavor.

And covered it with cheese. So fun! Lasagna is always a go to for me. If I see it, I want it. Just like you, Garfield was my inspiration! Favorite pasta memory goes back almost 50 years…. She would lay out clean sheets on any flat suface she could find…beds, tables etc, and and place the pasta to dry. My mom was not the greatest cook, in my memory. But somehow her spaghetti was a family favorite, including me and my picky eating habits.

I even tried recreating it when I first moved out on my own. Time has passed, mom is gone, and I have become a relatively decent cook in my old age! My favorite pasta memory was a dish I had in a hole-in-the-wall place in Paris. I wish I could remember the name of that place so that I could go back someday.

10 Things Foreigners Always Get Wrong About Italy (10 Things That Are Pretty Bang On)

Anyway, it was fresh, homemade pasta tagliatelle , dressed in very fruity, delicious olive oil, dusted with Parmesan cheese, and completely covered in thinly shaved black truffles. It was the first time I had fresh truffles and I have been in love ever since. The simplest dishes are the best when working with such high quality ingredients. Looks so wonderful Stephanie! Heheh years later I was having fun trowing the spaghetti to the wall to check If It was al dente, and attempted to make spaguetti bolognese.

I was so proud at my self, my first bowl of pasta with long long noodles and red meaty tomatoeay sauce…. Mmmm powdery parmessan…since I did not have the profound knowledge of parmigiano regiano… And Yes, probably was a bit over cooked heheh but to me It tasted so good and gave me the same cozy feeling than the avene of the movie. My favorite memory was making fresh pasta with my dad. He was making his famous sauce that took hours. He said no need to fuss, just use dry pasta. I said, if your taking the time to make this sauce, I can make fresh pasta.

We all agreed, the fresh pasta elevated the dish. One day I was struggling to come up with ideas for dinner. I had just started dating this beautiful young woman and wanted to do nothing more than to impress her. I had previously made some delicious parchment wrapped fish and mushrooms with a soy ginger sauce. We both loved the fresh healthy taste.

Now I was tasked with stepping my game up another notch to keep her impressed with my culinary abilities. After trolling the internet for hours I decided I was going to attempt to make my own Gnocchi. After lots a research… started boiling potatoes. Having a Sicilian grandfather and a mother whom knows here way around the kitchen made me into the savvy cook I am today. After allowing the potatoes to cool I added the flour and started to slightly kneed the dough. Honestly, other than making a mess with flour, these are quite easy to make. I then threw them in boiling water.

The key is once they float to the top to remove them as they are ready to eat. I made a quick sauce and we had an amazing dinner. It must have been about 15 years ago, and my family had gotten adventurous in their cooking, probably because my parents had gone to Italy the year before that. So one night, my dad decides that he wants to cook pasta putanesca. Into the pot went the putanesca sauce, which was storebought and just a jar of tomato sauce with capers and olives, another jar of sliced black pearl olives, and then chicken drumsticks. Sounds appetizing right? Well things were just getting started….

We dig into the meal, and my brother and I are not impressed. Looking back, he must have left a little too much of that olive juice from the canned olives, and it made the sauce so bitter. We also had no idea what capers were, so these little bursts of briny flavor were not what we wanted in our spaghetti.

But he is also stubborn. We go to bed, and probably simultaneously, everyone gets up at 3 or 4 in the morning. We were in a bunkbed at the time, and there was definitely a drip involved…. I went camping and we made spaghetti for dinner. Just basic spaghetti with jarred sauce and pre-made meatballs. The next day, we reheated it in a pan so that the sauce was kinda dry and sticking to the pasta and it was… so amazing. I was in awe at how a mountain of flour and egg could come together into a mass and make sheets of noodles.

I helped how I could which meant sitting there talking to her and asking her questions. She would combine the ricotta and spinach and I would be in charge of mixing it. It took some serious arm power for me. Then she would dot the long ribbons of pasta and seal them with her hand roller sealer which I thought was fascinating, I loved the squiggley edges. After that she save them for dinner or place them on a cookie sheet to freeze. Grandma Rose knew she was sick but hated going to the doctor.

Once she was diagnosed with leukemia — and unbeknownst to her children — she set to work making the largest stockpile of raviolis. Towards the end, my dad told me while they were at her death bed she left very specific instructions on how she wanted the entire family to get together and eat her raviolis that she had frozen one last time and share our happiest memories of her. She adds a couple of interesting ingredients like olives and shredded chicken, but the completed product comes out amazing: cheesy, saucy, and full of love.

My favorite pasta memory just happened this week! My fiancee got me the pasta attachment that fits on her Kitchenaid mixer, so we attempted to make spaghetti. We rolled out the dough to the recommended thickness for spaghetti and then ran it through the cutter. Favourite pasta memory — So tricky to choose one! I think it has to be going back home to Bangkok from New York to visit my family and going to a family Brunch gathering with a DIY pasta stall. Simple ingredients, addictive pasta, mouth on fire — a great welcome home! My favorite pasta memory is eating gluten-free pasta for the first time and marveling over how amazing it tasted!

My most found memory of pasta was creating Mount Pesto overflowing with a clear lethargic liquid seeping from a yellow core. Diving in with hands first, the sensation of slightly cold liquid of protein and carbohydrates was the first sign of addiction. I started to add pureed spinach in mounds to my dough to mimic the green mountain i had always dreamed of, except this one was only 3 or 4 inches tall.

Flatenning the great green beast was not much of a challenge with a large rolling pin and pasta maker. Cutting and boiling the green strips of long flour covered pasta lead to the best tasting pesto i had created. Creamy, nutty, and somewhat fragrant was what i tasted as the culmination of eggs, flour, and herbs were slurped into my mouth.

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I will never forget the moment pasta led me down the road of tirelessly creating different colors and sizes. It was like sculpting, but for not only observing but for eating. Mine would have to be the first time I made pasta from scratch! It really opened up a new door for me when it comes to home cooking and gave me the courage to try other things I felt intimated by in the kitchen! My favorite pasta memory is absolutely when I tried fresh pasta for the first time, maybe 5 years ago now?! My life completely changed, and I fell in love with food.

It was my favorite dinner meal since before I could pronounce it properly. Anytime my mom would ask me what I wanted for dinner, the answer was always spaghetti. For birthday dinners, for restaurant meals, always the same, I wanted spaghetti. I even fell asleep in a plate filled with spaghetti at the dinner table once, true story.

As I grew up, spaghetti in some form stayed with me. Spaghetti was also my gateway into learning to cook and developing a passion for it. I started small, by sauteing some fresh vegetables and adding them into my store bought sauce. This segued into making my own sauce and homemade meatballs. Today, I still love spaghetti and will not hesitate to order a plate of spaghetti and meatballs when at my favorite Italian restaurant.

I still love spaghetti because it was the first meal that I loved. It was the first time I realized the coming together of ingredients could result in something amazing. Spaghetti brings me happy childhood memories and has ignited in me the passion I have for food today. My favorite pasta memory is pretty simple: the first time I made pasta with pesto made from basil grown in my own backyard.

I had had pesto before, but the moment I mixed the fresh, garlicky, lemony pesto with the hot pasta, I knew I was in for something special. My favorite pasta memory take place at city island, a small island in the Bronx. My family and I would visit every summer and we would frequent this Italian restaurant. Twenty-one years ago, I became a mother and had the same very laid-back attitude. Dinner was, and is, dinner. I treated them the way I would treat most anyone who shared my dinner table.

Our mission is to inspire and teach children to cook and eat real food with their families. I believe most every child will enjoy most every healthy food, if those healthy foods are what there is to cook, share and eat. Ludwig, a leader in creating healthy habits in children and their families, agrees. One twin eats everything. Christine is annoyed with herself for giving in; she knows she knows better and she feels that the time for change is now. We sat down with Christine to get an understanding of her family. Ludwig asked: What is her motivation to make change? Several people in my inner circle have mentioned chili in It's Time to Appreciate You - Twice.

The two days we look forward to most all year are just around the corner: Customer Appreciation Days! These parties are so much fun we have to do it twice, once at the Merchandise Mart and once at Extremes of spice, in food, around the world are baffling. Whether you like a little cracked black pepper on your eggs in the morning, or you pop pickled jalapenos like they are marshmallows with Red Cabbage and Green Apple Slaw.

If you are familiar with Lincoln Square, you've probably heard about or even attended the annual Apple Fest in October. The Essential Pantry. Being a chef instructor at The Chopping Block is by far the best job I have ever had. I love food, I adore cooking, and I am passionate about teaching. Given those facts, every time I come to work One of my favorite daily rituals is having my cup of tea in the morning. I start my day by getting my kettle going and steeping a hot cup of tea.

I am huge fan of loose tea and have been for quite And I fully admit it, it was a latte. Pumpkin: More than just a Pie Filling. So why, I ask, WHY, is the pie the way that we most How to Cook Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms. I'm in mushroom ecstasy as this is a banner year on my property in Michigan for wild mushrooms!

My Hen of the Woods mushrooms have returned in abundance so I have been busy cooking and preserving Just a few weeks ago, my husband, kids, and I made our annual trip to Crane Orchard in Fennville, Michigan. It's such a fun family tradition, but what's even more fun is to daydream about all of Not long ago, the only cheese in America was sliced onto rye, melted into macaroni or spritzed from an aerosol can. Today, artisan cheeses are tended by trained cheese mongers at specialty shops; Home Grown Gold.

This sweet and spicy treat is as versatile as it is addictive. Nearly every day, someone dashes into the store to scoop up a It's no secret how much we love cast iron and how often How to Read a Wine Label.

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A customer walks into the store looking for a bottle of wine, they go to the wine wall, look up, and freeze like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. I see this every day and we only Pears: The Other Fall Fruit. I have always loved the in-between seasons of Spring and Fall. Everything is changing, from the weather to what we wear. This is the final post in a 3-part series about protein. Nashville has been on my list of places to go for a while.

So when my friend and I found some cheap plane tickets, we The smell of barbecue in the air is often synonymous with a warm summer day, but as those long days roll into the crisp temperatures of autumn, that does not mean you have to pack up your grill. Greek Meatballs on Homemade Naan. I love social media. Moroccan Braised Chicken. The seasons have switched, and cooler weather is quickly approaching. This change of temperature made me want to take out my braiser and make a nice fall inspired Moroccan Braised Chicken dish.

I demonstrated a basic version of the class at the American Medical Association during the employee lunch I've got knives on the brain again. If you read my previous post, you know that I made the argument for having only four knives in your kitchen. And while I still believe that to be true — if you can A Farewell to the Sweet Corn of Summer. I love reading recipes.

But the fun and enjoyment for me has always been the process of researching More Mojo Please. My favorite green sauce of all time is Cuban Mojo. Insta, insta on the wall, whose are the best food photos of them all? Butterscotch Pudding: An Oldie but a Goodie. Way back when I started working at The Chopping Block in , we used to run a series of classes called the Building Blocks. There were 24 classes in all, and each one focused on different Apple Fest Bigger than Ever. Nothing will get you more in the fall spirit than Apple Fest.

The upcoming festival that celebrates all things apple in Lincoln Square has continued to grow over the years. Red Beans and Rice with Fried Chicken. After returning from New Orleans on a Monday morning, I decided to make red beans and rice that night. Everyone knows Monday is red beans and rice day! The Future of the Food Market. Those ambitious, hard-working young men in the picture are four of my great-uncles, struggling to run a Depression-era business How to Brine.

I am a somewhat recent convert to brining, considering my almost 40 years of professional cooking. I think it was about 10 years ago, brining started getting popular with home cooks as a technique Tomatoes bursting on the vine? Herbs going to flower? Is overabundance wreaking havoc in your garden? Food Comics: Deconstructed Croque Madames. Here, he shows us how to deconstruct a classic French More Like PinYes! I'm no exception to this of course, and I do plenty of grumbling I was recently in South Carolina for a reunion with some old gal pals from high school. We stayed at the home of one of the women and while we ate out one night, this gave us the luxury of being This post is the continuation of a multi-part article about protein.

If you missed part one, be sure to check it out here. What are good sources of protein? This Coffee Cake is Bananas. I love being in the kitchen. Put your Food Preservation Fears to Rest. Local farmers markets are bursting with late-summer produce right now. Wouldn't it be great if you could enjoy this bounty in the middle of a frigid Midwest winter?

You can, simply by canning, Rosle in the Kitchen. Students often ask about my favorite kitchen utensils and the best brands to purchase. I believe purchasing the right tools is a good investment and in regards to the brand, it all comes down to A Southern Tradition. Every summer my family gets together for a reunion.

A lot of the fond Fermentation is a metabolic process with the aid of yeast, bacteria and other microorganisms that breaks down usually a carbohydrate-rich food into carbon dioxide and alcohol or acid. Beer, wine, The Tale of Two Bubblies. A Chef's Moving Checklist. And then life happened, and we moved Dinner Drinks Guaranteed to Impress your Guests. If you never know what wine to serve when hosting a dinner party, you aren't alone. Lots of students tell us they spend a lot of time and money on building an amazing meal with layers of flavor and The days of showing up with a six pack of Bud Light and a half-eaten box of pizza are over.

Something sophisticated. Something that I could tell by the looks on their faces that this I recently walked into work to find a beautiful long squash on my desk. My mind immediately went to thinking it was a prank by one of my coworkers, because they do silly things from time to time. Onion rings are one of those dishes I would never think to make at home. They are delicious, but who wants to deep fry in August? I certainly don't! But here lies the dilemma… I don't want to We encounter many different types of students in our Culinary Boot Camp. From retirees to newlyweds to college students, The Chopping Block's week-long intensive deep dive into the culinary arts Sumac Foraging and Preparation.

First things first Secondly, it is extremely easy to tell the difference between poison sumac and Staghorn Sumac, Staghorn Sumac being the edible version. With Summer officially halfway over, now is the time to get outside and take advantage of our beautiful Chicago evenings. Last week I had friends visiting from LA, and we embarked on a power-tour Throughout the city — and in many suburban neighborhoods — you can find the freshest fruit, vegetables, bread, meat and Do Wine Appellations Really Matter?

Last week, a co-worker came to me after one of our wine classes and asked if I thought appellations really matter. Apparently, it was a topic of discussion during class and there had been good Food Comics: Liquor Infusions. Here, he shows us how to improve your summer cocktails When I cook at home, I want to make my life as easy as possible. On my days off, I tend to prepare things in bulk, and freeze them in Ziploc bags. I arrange the bags so they are as thin and square Got Fruit at Different Stages of Ripeness? Make Fruit Salsa. I love to have fruit around the house, but sometimes I end up with too much fruit to keep up with.

My Husband's Grilled Chicken Experiment. As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I'm often asked about protein and how it relates to health and fitness: What are good sources of protein? How much should I be getting? How much is dangerous? Farmers Market Corn and Potato Soup.

I am a soup lover. I can eat soup days of the year. Mind you, I am not eating soup on a beach, but in an air conditioned house or my office, so I am good to go. Midwest produce is just starting Chocolate Avocado Zucchini Bread. Chicken was a staple in our house when I was growing up, however, the only time I ever saw an entire fowl was the Thanksgiving turkey. Other than that, the chicken was already cut up into its white Mini Zucchini Bread Three Ways. To this day whenever I cut into a What I Know About Wine. A Perfect Night for Outdoor Dining. Eating a grilled turkey burger with corn on the cob When a summer storm rolls through leaving me trapped at home, there are few things I love more than curling up on the couch to watch a movie or binge-watch my favorite TV show again.

As any good Game of Thrones fan or Chicago resident knows, winter is coming. How to Grill Whole Fish. When flipping through cooking magazines this time of year, I typically come across eye-popping centerfolds of beautifully grilled, whole fish. It looks so approachable and easy to execute, but in I have been growing a tremendous number of herbs in Michigan and experimenting with different preservation methods for them. It's been revelatory for me! Before I started drying my own herbs, I had Family Cooking isn't Always Pretty, but it can be Delicious. With a family of six, my oldest sister cooks about four times a week.

While her cooking ranges from challenging to easy, I liked one of her recent meals because it was delicious, the kids were able Particularly unexpected sweet and spicy flavor combinations that meld different As any of you who have a garden know, keeping up with herbs can be a bit of a challenge. Every summer I try to grow enough herbs and vegetables for me and my husband to eat through the entire Food Comics: Asian Inspired Burgers.

Here, he shows us how to put an Asian spin on a classic It took me three months to find a job and about six before I had my own apartment. I wouldn't have been able to get by here without having some wonderful friends. Everyone Needs Friends with Figs. I'm lucky enough to have a couple of friends who have a fig tree that produces an abundance of fruit right on schedule every June. Each summer, they are generous enough to give me more than my fair Killer Kebabs on a Homemade Hibachi.

When I moved to Chicago last summer, I found myself for the first time in my life with a lovely big back porch. I quickly developed an insatiable urge to grill meats, but had no grill to grill them No-Bake Fruit Tart Bites. When it comes to cooking, for many of us that means trying to use our stoves and Try it as a Dip.

We all have that favorite butternut squash soup recipe we all love, and Meal Prep Cheat Sheet. My late husband never ate leftovers growing up. His mom prepared exactly enough food for that dinner each night and that was that. He told me that he never even heard the word leftover until he went Pineapple Party. Easiest, Tastiest Grilled Chicken Ever. The kitchen always gets too hot, and the dishes take too long to wash. I want to be outside Those memories for me, like a lot of us, begin with meals and desserts prepared by our mothers and Summer Corn Salad for Picnic Season.

One of my favorite things to do with out-of-town visitors in the summer is to take them to a concert in the park. There is nothing better than sipping wine and listening to music on a summer night Three Foods that have a Big Impact on our Environment. We compost, recycle and reuse whenever possible. As chefs and people that have a respect for ingredients and products, we urge you to use as I feel bamboozled. I feel hoodwinked. Some friends and I were out ordering food and I How to Grow Horseradish. I love the pungency of horseradish but have found that here in America, we limit ourselves in our culinary uses of it.

I just returned from a fantastic day trip to Hawaii with my family. We really took advantage of all that the island had to offer. From the crystal clear waters to the incredibly fresh seafood I look forward to summer for two reasons — softball and watermelon. The first step is Millions of people start their day by stopping at their local cafe for their daily dose of caffeine. Yet many still prefer to brew their own.

Korean Flavors are a Hot Summer Trend. You may have noticed an abundance of kimchi on menus lately. Korean flavors have been named one of the hottest summer food trends of We are lucky that we have one of the great experts in this The Childe Harold. Combing through the upcoming list of cooking classes being offered by The Chopping Block, I came across our Pasta Workshop.

The class description says that I will learn how to make fresh pasta I'm not a chef. I've only worked one job in a kitchen Making any kind of dumpling is always a special occasion for me. You should always make dumplings for your loved ones, because that little bit of extra effort just shows that you love them and they New Wines, New Classes for Summer. At The Chopping Block, we celebrate the season with new wines to pair with new classes, or to bring home for all your warm Sweet Phyllo Dough Bundles. It took awhile this year, but Summer is finally here and for me, that means easy, breezy everything!

I like to cook outside more, heat up the inside less, eat with minimal preparation — and so much Vegan Cooking: Flaky Biscuits. Perfect Protein Pancakes. Over the last several years, my girlfriend has experimented with a lot of different varieties of protein pancakes. Kofta Kebabs with Homemade Tzatziki Sauce. Here, he shows us how to make a delicious breakfast when A Chef's Tricks of the Trade.

Dressed Up Grits. I am a big fan of grits. Growing up, my dad would make them at least a couple of times a week with bacon and eggs. Today, I keep them in the pantry at all times as an easy and versatile ingredient What does a Southerner Cook in the Summer? However, we can still expect some cool nights so in anticipation of those with the How to Cook with Pancetta. Now that you know how to make pancetta, I wanted to provide a few tips on cooking with it and recipes that highlight those techniques.

Although pancetta is edible in the same way bacon is, its high Greece: A Spectacular Culinary Adventure. Two weeks ago, I was packing my bags for my big trip of the year — last year was Paris, Rome, and Florence — this year was Greece. I was looking forward to new sights, experiences, good weather, Make Reusable Beeswax Cloths for your Kitchen. In the seemingly never-ending pursuit of using less waste, keeping a green, less plastic kitchen, I found myself looking for alternatives to wrap my leftover produce, etc.

I fell in love with some Like ramekins, mini-cocottes are perfect for cooking individual portions, but you As an L. There are some foods that you need instructions on how to eat. Shrimp is one of those foods: pull off the legs, peel the shells, scoop out the gunk, and pop it in your mouth all but the tail that Under the Influence of Oak.

I was talking with some of my fellow bloggers the other day, and I said something very stupid. A Quick and Easy Chicken Terrine. The thing I really love about cooking, and specifically charcuterie, is taking humble ingredients, and turning them into something special.

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A terrine is the perfect example of this idea. Today we are My wedding anniversary was a couple of weeks ago, and as my husband and I found ourselves looking through our wedding album we found a photo of our wedding cake. It made me smile, because I remember Vegan substituting in dessert is an interesting process.

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Obviously, substituting dairy has been easy. Need to substitute milk? Need to switch out Five-Ingredient Asparagus Bisque. Now that spring has officially and finally! There's a lot of spring produce coming on to the scene No Calorie Counting? No Problem! Here are 15 Tips for Summer Slimming.

While Chicago has seemed to forget that spring is indeed a season, summer is fast approaching. Here, he shows us how to make the move into lighter fare Tips for Grilling the Perfect Meat. I have to admit. The first couple years of grilling, it was so hit or miss. Grilling is easy! Which Produce is in Season When? But have you stopped to think why and how fresh food is always there, in the grocery store, year Anywhere Brownies. Get Saucy with our New Sauce Guide. All of these proteins can easily be improved with a I love meat. But, turns out I have a vegetarian daughter and a vegan daughter-in-law, so I have to make some meatless dishes once Now, the flavors of Spain are favorites in the city and suburbs, from casual tapas to elegant Paella, from sparkling How to Make Pancetta.

What is pancetta? Basically, it is the unsmoked Italian form of bacon. Pancetta is Brunch Eats: Blueberry Zucchini Bread. Once or twice a year, a few of my girlfriends and I get together for a girls only weekend. We look forward to the getaway and use the time to relax and catch up.

We change up the location each Someday, it will warm up. Someday, it will stop snowing. It has to, right? Experimenting with Pulses. One of the things I like about working at The Chopping Block is that our team shares their culinary experience and encourages everyone to experiment with different ingredients and cooking Tortilla de Patatas potato omelette is as ubiquitous in Spain as it is delicious. This potato omelette is found in tapas bars where it is served warm or cold, topped with aioli or not, full of The Kefir Cookbook's Story. I was ten years old when I tasted Kefir for the very first time.

My parents and I had immigrated to America as refugees from the former Soviet Union nine years earlier, in , when I was just a What's So Great about Malbec? I had never even heard of Malbec when I started working at The Chopping Block, but I could tell that whatever it was, people sure seemed to like it. In fact, as I've learned more, it strikes me as Granny's Dishes. Hours would pass with her telling me stories Broth, Stock, and Bone Broth. Stock is the foundation of so many classical dishes that chefs spend years perfecting their perfect, clear flavorful stock.

But what really is it? And how does it differentiate from its younger, Whenever the newest gadget or electric device comes out for the kitchen, it's usually poo pooed by chefs. But that's definitely not the case with the Instant Pot. This miraculous time-saver has Competition Mac and Cheese. As a recent arrival from the good old United Kingdom Wales to be precise , there are many things I love about Chicago, and a few that I miss about home pubs, hills and valleys, and the Metric Tortas can refer to many different culinary treats such as cakes and flatbreads, depending on what country you're in, but the torta we're going to explore now is all about the sandwich from Mexico.

Chipotle Delicata Soup. During the cold months and here in Chicago, that sadly still includes April , everyone is all about the pumpkin and butternut squash. While those are great, I really get excited about Delicata Smoothies are a delicious way to get in multiple servings of fruit, veggies, protein, fiber, and tons of vitamins and minerals.

Beef and Spring Vegetable Lo Mein. Will it ever feel like spring in Chicago? While I am dreaming of grilling beef on my outdoor patio in weather that is not 40 degrees, this beef and spring veggie noodle dish will taste like spring Food Comics: Deviled Eggs. Here, he shows us how to turn those leftover Easter I love that a bowl of soup can either be the starter to a Don't Toss those Carrot Tops. Easter is just around the corner, and glazed carrots are always part of my holiday dinner.

This year, I'm growing carrots in my garden from seed, so I was lucky enough to have a good batch of small One of the most frequent questions I'm asked while tasting wine to customers is which wine is my favorite. I don't know if I have a single favorite wine or style of wine, but I definitely have wines Time to Sharpen those Knife Skills. But not to worry, you have plenty of time before prime vegetable season kicks in to enter into expert April in Paris.

Last year, when I came back from my trip to Paris in May, I shared the art of making homemade croissants. Recently, while planning my upcoming trip to Greece, I realized that I never properly paid Winter Squash Biscuits. I was recently in the mood to slow cook a spicy batch of chili on a cold Sunday afternoon. I wanted to cook and have the smell of savory food wafting through the house. Once the chili was in the Oh "Mahi" is this Fish Good. Being raised in the heart of the Midwest, I'm certainly a meat and potatoes kind of guy.