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A slow ride is fun. It's fun being inside of Abbey's head, almost following her around. It's nice when you want to just relax and enjoy the book. A book with so much going on can be breath taking. That's good sometimes, but other times you want to actual be able to breath! Some people say the plot wasn't well developed. I don't agree with you people. I feel like the author leaves some gaps in her plot so she can tie in everything for her last book. A little mystery never killed anyone And no, the cat died from curiosity, not mystery : Wow, I just realized how unprofessional this review sounds.

That's okay, cause my reviews aren't meant to be professional. Gotta have a little corky reviews sometimes, right? I do hope you still enjoy this review, despite my corkyness. My rating: 5 funyuns! Funyuns, farts, corkyness, -Angela The Haunted actually surprised me. I was expecting to give up halfway through.

Grim Harvest (The Haunted Hollow Chronicles #2)

Surprisingly, she did. A few of them, anyway. This is by no means a positive review. Granted, the answers still annoy me slightly. Was he just really good at hiding when he was stalking her from afar? And why is Abbey still so annoyingly oblivious to everything happening around her?

The first hundred or so pages seemed to drag. When a plot finally started to emerge, it was written so poorly that anyone could have seen the direction the story was heading in. And then we get another few hundred pages of nothing until the last ten or so pages… where once again the story ends on a cliffhanger anyone could have seen coming.

And despite my extreme dislike of the main characters, I found myself sympathising with them at points. Apr 17, Katy rated it it was ok. Apparently, I marked this book as read when I started my Goodreads account in , but I don't remember it at all. After finishing it, I figured it must have been because I was trying to block it out. First of all, I felt the book was too wrapped up in the romance to have much of a story. Basically nothing happened except view spoiler [Abby visited Caspian's grave, and she finds out what revenants are - although she doesn't know what they're after.

That was it! Totally a middle book! Which brings me to the romance. At first, I was really annoyed because I thought we were way past the "I'm not trying to be creepy I might have understood if this is when they first meet, but we're on the second book already. Was Verday trying to justify what could be sweet or romantic gestures?

As a result, it just left me irked because now I did take it as creepy. And I'm not sure if that affected the way I looked at the rest of the romantic scenes in the book. Because I found them to be too awkward and way too cheesy. Like how Abby tries to be sexy or how she tries to talk dirty to Caspian or how she cries or her breathe was hitched at every little thing. Ew, yuck. I don't know. I remember liking book 1, and I'm sure if I had rated this 2. I just think that 1 the book was too focused on the romance and 2 the romance just came across as weird.

I'll read book 3, but I hope it's not more of the Abby-Caspian awkwardness. Nov 07, Gladys Gonzales Atwell rated it it was amazing. Original Review Date posted on www. The love story between Abby and Caspian is utterly wrong but so beautiful! In the first book Abby believed she was crazy!

Crazy to believe she was in love with someone or something that was suppose to be dead! Her discoveries at the end of The Hollow lead to a long stay with her Aunt who helped her find her way. Only to return home in the second installment, The Haunted, to be right back to square one. Crazy in love with her dead boyfriend New colors tales weave in and out of the beautiful fabric of the story! When this saga finishes it will be a beautiful beautiful did I say beautiful tapestry of lyrical delight.

Does that make sense? I must not make any sense because I am so captivated by the book.

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I should have waited a day to write this review because my mind is reeling I read this book in two days. Purchased it the day it came out, read a chapter, resolved to finish the book I was already reading, then immediately opened the Haunted again once I finished my other book. I couldn't put it down. It captivated me as much as the first book. Jessica Verday captured the innocence of true and timeless love. Every exhausted flick of my eye was focused on finishing another page of the story. My only disappointment in this book Is the wait for the next installment. Please Jessica write fast!!!

Jan 13, Joy rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , library-book , to-buy. The Haunted is the second book in the Hollow Trilogy, following on from where we left of in The Hollow. Abbey is still at her Aunt's farm trying to get better after she believes she had a mental break down because she was seeing a dead boy. Abbey is happy staying at the farm but is drawn back to Sleepy Hollow to give a speach at the opening of the new bridge that is being dedicated to her deceased best friend, Kristen. To stay out of summer school and not have to repeat a year of chemistry, Abbey The Haunted is the second book in the Hollow Trilogy, following on from where we left of in The Hollow.

To stay out of summer school and not have to repeat a year of chemistry, Abbey agrees to tutoring with Ben to pass a make up exam at the end of the holidays. Abbey also helps out her Uncle at his icecream shop since he lost 2 of his casuals. After a chance encounter with Caspian outside her house, Abbey knows that Caspian is real, though still a ghost!

Abbey visits Caspian at the mosuleum often during the holidays and they become very close again and Abbey forces Caspian to accept that she wants to be with him, she chose him before she knew he was a ghost and she chose him again after she know One day at her house, two strangers come to Abbey's house and seem like they know her asking her all types of weird questions, she gets a strange feeling about them and a weird taste of ash in her mouth and quickly gets them out of her house. The rest of the holidays are spent with Ben tutoring for chemistry, working at her Uncles store and hanging out with Caspian, who she gives the adorable nickname of Casper since he gave her a nickname, Astrid.

Things start to get heated, as much as they can between a girl and a ghost, and there is alot of angst. Caspian can only touch on one day, his death day, which they have high hopes for. At home her mother is having Kristens parent's over for tea and there are two strangers also who introduce themselves as knew real estate agents in the area.

Abbey has a weird feeling about them and gets the same taste of ash in her mouth. During the night, waking from bad dreams, Abbey goes to find Caspian at the Cemetery but is attacked by Vincent, he can also see Caspian and tells her he is a Revenant. They get away from him and head straight to see Nickolas and Katy the cemetery groundman and his wife. From them they find out that a revenant is meant to help the other person cross over, the other person being Abbey. They explain that Caspian was a shade and he and Abbey are sole mates which is why Caspian is still here because Abbey is the living other part of him.

Revenants are meant to help the otherperson cross over, and that Abbey will die soon. Abbey decides that she wants to see Caspians grave, which he informs her is in West Virginia, to go there she convinces her parents that she wants to check out a college there and gets to road trip with Ben.

Caspian comes along with them on the road trip, which is hilarious because he makes alot of amusing comments that only Abbey can hear. Things get steamy in the room with Abbey and Caspian, verbally only though. Once Abbey and Caspian go to his grave, Abbey feels complete and realises that Caspian is her missing piece for the emptiness she has felt since Kristen passed away.

She declares to Caspian that she will do anything she can for them to be together and she takes their relationship the way it is : Back from their trip to West Virginia, Abbey comes home to find her house empty, all accept for Vincent waiting up in her room.

He attacks her, and tells her that he thought that Kristen was Caspian's other half and he had actually been trying to find her. She questioned that she thought Revenants were meant to help her cross over but Vincent said he wants to keep her alive. Caspian comes in to help her and the mysterious strangers, Uri, Casey, Shophie and Cane, she met earlier in the book come in the rescue her too, then Vincent escapes. And that is where we are left! Cliffhanger much!!!! This ending set up perfectly for the next and final book - why would Vincent want to keep Abbey from dying and becoming complete as one with Caspian?

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What will happen to Abbey? Will they get to be together, and most importantly what will they get up on Caspian's next death day!! Favourite Quote Caspian looked at me in disbelief. We get to learn alot more about Caspian in this book. He is so sweet, kind and loving and very artistic! I enjoy the love story between Abbey and Caspian, I think its well developed and they go well together, besides the ghost part.

View 2 comments. Apr 11, Shanon rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite. Holy crap!!! I just finished this book and it was even more awesome than the first book, "The Hollow"! I am completely blown away and excited by every bit of new twists and information I learned while reading "The Haunted".

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I am so in love with this series and super taken aback by Jessica Verday and her ability to come up with such a unique story. In this book you learn more about Caspian, Nikolas, Katy, and even Ben. As well as some new, interesting characters. This book had me laughing and yel Holy crap!!! This book had me laughing and yelling out loud. I can't freakin' wait for the next book in the series! Oct 14, Jojobean rated it really liked it Shelves: hardcover , physical-books-owned , ghosts , publication , set-in-us , 4-star-ratings , series-book I enjoyed this reading this book and it was a good second in a series book.

This book is set a few months after "The Hollow". Abbey is at her Aunt Marg's house where she has been since her breakdown in February its now June. While there she seems to be doing better and is seeing a psychiatrist for what she thinks are hallucinations Caspian, Katy and Nikolas. She returns to Sleepy Hollow earlier than expected when she is asked to say a few words about Kristen during the reveal of the new brid I enjoyed this reading this book and it was a good second in a series book. She returns to Sleepy Hollow earlier than expected when she is asked to say a few words about Kristen during the reveal of the new bridge in Sleepy Hollow.

While there she tries her best to forget about Caspian who she thinks she hallucinated. She begins to hang out more with Ben and their friendship develops. However once she sees Caspian she falls in love all over again and the begin a relationship as best as they could.

Abbey finds out her "destiny" in this book as well as some of Kristen's secrets. I already spoke about Abbey, Katy, Nikolas and Caspian in the review for the other book and their personalities are basically the same. I just want to say that I was a little surprised at how fast Abbey accepted that Caspian was real.

I mean she went away to try to fix herself when she thought he was a hallucination but then she sees and talks to him one time and she readily accepts that he's real and a ghost? Suddenly she decides that everything she learned about Caspian, Katy and Nikolas in the last book is true which kind of makes her leaving Sleepy Hollow in the first place to get help kind of null and void.

I dont know. To me she didn't even try hard enough. All she did was look at Caspian and she forgot everything she learned from her psychiatrist. I mean I get he's hot and all but come on. Not very realistic to me.

Another thing I found strange is how much freedom Abbey has and how gullible her parents are. She gets up and leaves the house at 7 in the morning to go see Caspian and her mother and father say nothing to her when she gets home. And leaving early in the morning? Forget about it. They would of killed me and then killed me again if I gave them attitude about where I was like Abbey did.

And her parents letting her go "college looking" in another state alone with a boy? Come on, really? Thats all I have to say. Ben is in this book more and I really like him. Abbey learns that she failed chemistry and she worked out an agreement with her teacher where Ben would tutor her during the summer and she would take a final exam before school started. Ben agrees and they become closer. They hang out a lot also besides when he tutors her.

Ben is really a great guy. He's caring, sweet and funny. I like how they are just friends in the book. You think that there might be something more developing but Abbey is all about Caspian and Ben is still dealing with his feelings about Kristen. So they remain friends. Ben is always there when Abbey needs him and is always willing to help her. Ben is kind of a science nerd and he reminds me of Leonard from the Big Bang Theory except not as nerdy looking but their personalities are similar.

New characters are introduced: Cacey, Uri, Kame and Sophie who are very weird. They have melodic voices and eyes that are very light that they almost seem translucent. They also smell like ashes. Its weird and while they are not very prominent in this book I have a feeling that they will play a bigger role in the next book. There is another character that was introduced that I feel will also have a bigger role in the next book, who is Vincent Drake.

He is such an ass. He acts like a spoiled rich kid, who knows he is very handsome and who wears expensive clothes and treats other people like shit, especially girls. He is so full of himself, cocky and is just an all around asshole. I hated him. He called himself a revenant. Revenants were briefly described in the book in regard to what they can do. I hope there is more information about them in the next book.

I enjoyed how the romance between Caspian and Abbey developed. Caspian admitted to Abbey that he lied about loving her and that he really does love her. They begin to see and hangout more they are so cute together. They both fall even more in love and they decide they dating I guess is the term.

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Caspian does feel like Abbey shouldn't want him because he is dead and can't give her anything but she doesn't care and lets him know it. She finds out that Caspian can only touch her and people in general on his death day, once a year. Abbey tells him that she loves him and she will do whatever to make it work. I think that they're love is sweet and I love how slowly it develops it kind of has too because he'd you know dead. Caspian is really sweet and makes things for Abbey and surprised her with sweet things her does.

He really is the perfect boyfriend besides him being a ghost. At times the romance became kind of cheesy with certain actions and phrasing of words that I think the author was trying to pass off as "hot and heavy" but just came across as full of cheese. All in all a good read and I;m excited about reading the next book which is the last one of the trilogy. This review is also posted on The Book Owl Extraordinaire Jan 09, Emma Louise rated it it was ok Shelves: bought.

So when I really think about it, The Hollow wasn't fabulous, but it certainly held this level of fascination and possibility once you waded through the painfully detailed descriptions of every single thing Abbey does. The Haunted - the sequel to The Hollow and is supposed to answer many questions - lacks greatly in plot structure and suspense. Oh and Caspian, the dead ghost that Abbey can see who calls her Astrid and is a complete emo loner who lives in a tomb.

Caspian's re-entry into the book was horridly written, and I was disappointed that despite all this effort the author put into Abbey and her psych treatments, she immediately believed that Caspian was real the moment she saw him again. And it was instant forgive and forget with the two of them. And i hated that. So once you get about halfway through the book it starts to get meaty and interesting again but to be honest, I was so sick of Abbey being the world's biggest bitch to pretty much everyone. Her character was nothing at all like it was in The Hollow.

She was nasty to Ben and plainly used him and chewed him up and spit him out again oh but it was all okay when he said he loved Kristen more!! I just thought that was a little insensitive, how she handled it, not so much that she hated the food her mother cooked. Then she had the balls to be rude and oh so teenagery and ignore her great grandmother who was oh so rude by asking her about her college plans. How dare she ask about her college plans. Word of advice, most elderly grandmothers still hold onto values that are no longer valid, so just be polite, nod your head and agree with them to make them happy.

Don't shove your ipod earphones in and try to ignore them, it just makes you look like a bitch. It's okay for say, a thirteen year old, but since you're oh so mature I would think you'd have some basic people skills, Abbey. Yeah that was a rant and half What a crazy let down. As for everything wrapping up nice and neatly - uh no. Standard cliff hanger The choice is obvious. Live and have a long and happy life with someone who is NOT dead and intangible.

Was half expecting Caspian to actually be a figment of her imagination all along, but I guess not The good points because I like ending on a positive note : talk of perfumes, cookies and delicious sounding halloween style bath products and soaps and candles. Abbey's dream shop sounds amazing and she should just abandon Caspian and get on with her dream shop.

Overall, it wasn't horrendous. I like to focus on the negatives, but it wasn't THAT bad. It could have been worse. Jun 14, Krystle rated it did not like it. There is something inherently flawed when the main purpose of a book revolves around a forbidden romance.

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The Haunted is one of them. Of course there are exceptions to this rule where this is actually done quit There is something inherently flawed when the main purpose of a book revolves around a forbidden romance. Of course there are exceptions to this rule where this is actually done quite well, but this is not one of these times. I thought, once I started reading, that this book was turning out to be a lot better than its predecessor. And for the first hundred pages it was. Abbey has moved on from her life absorbing obsession with Caspian, although it did crop up from time to time, and was now focusing on her true goals in life.

Being a perfumer. But then Caspian came in and the book went quickly downhill from there. Another book, Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready, did this a whole lot better and actually tried to find ways around it instead of having the characters merely stare longingly at each other. Abbey is still obsessed with him. I hate how Abbey treated what was his name? Ben so poorly. I would hate to be her friend if she was an actual person. Also, she was a brat for a lot of the book.

Abbey, of course, thought how horrible it was and that her whole birthday was ruined and her mom was some cruel creature out to get her. What an ungrateful maggot! I mean, what the heck? On the bright side, some of the lingering questions that I had from the book were answered in this addition. Some of the aspects of the whole ghost world is neat, like the different classifications and what not. And, of course, I really love the parts where Abbey is creating perfume. But, oh well. Although many U.

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That would be interesting to know. Lifestyle Home. Follow Us. Untitled October 24, Sleepy Hollow, New York View photos. View photos. New Orleans, Lousiana View photos. What to Read Next. Aug 13, Zoe's Human rated it liked it Shelves: lt. Whenever I read a Patrick C. Greene book, I never fail to wonder if he's ever worked on a screenplay. Grim Harvest , like much of his oeuvre, feels like something in between a Michael Myers movie and a really good episode of Tales from the Crypt.

His work has all the scares and archetypes that you crave combined with fast-pacing and characters you can get behind. It's perfect for either the horror junkie or the seasonal Halloween reader of the genre. I received a complimentary copy of this book vi Whenever I read a Patrick C. I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley. Many thanks to all involved in providing me with this opportunity. Sep 02, Irene rated it liked it. I really enjoyed the first book Red Harvest, so I was excited to get a copy of the sequel. Maybe my expectations were too high but this was just an OK read for me.

It lacked the momentum of the previous book and the story seemed to jump around too much. Jul 31, Lynn rated it really liked it Shelves: giveaways. I'll be honest. There's a lot going on in this book, almost too much. I hadn't read the first book in the series, but that didn't matter when reading Grim Harvest.

The author does a wonderful job of updating the reader of all the previous events, and the backstory of the characters. I quickly began skipping chapters of other characters points of views because their storylines were not as intense as the previously mentioned four, and seemed to honestly get in the way. The other characters could not hold my attention whatsoever, but I can't blame them for that. When compared to the adorable Candace, the brave Matilda, the firecracker Jill, and the devastating Nico the other characters stood no chance.

The storyline is fascinating, I certainly enjoyed seeing the characters all come together for a big showdown. I loved the ending even though it definitely didn't go as I had expected. All in all its a great book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves horror. Or werewolves who ride motorcycles and ruthlessly slaughter those around them.

Aug 30, Kelsey rated it liked it. I was drawn in very quickly to the various plot threads that wove together and I really enjoyed the creepy vibe. The characters were unique individuals. And the creature feature vibe was fun! There was A LOT going on, but it tied together well into a fun finish. Jul 29, Joe rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. But at the same time, like the best horror, enough of a pseudo-scientific background to make a genuine argument for it. Why yes, James Herbert, rats really could inflict serious harm on the people of London, since there are over seven million rats in the city Sep 05, BookNerdsBrainDump rated it liked it.

Short Take: A too-brief visit with old friends. I am mostly recovered after a late night out at the fair, where I was lucky enough to see Gabriel Iglesias, aka Fluffy live. I also have to give a shout-out to local fairs, and all their fun traditions: corn dogs, rigged games, fried oreos, animal smells, cotton candy, Short Take: A too-brief visit with old friends. I also have to give a shout-out to local fairs, and all their fun traditions: corn dogs, rigged games, fried oreos, animal smells, cotton candy, rides with questionable safety ratings, and fried cheese on a stick.. And speaking of nostalgia for small towns, dearies, welcome back to Ember Hollow, which we first visited in the gloriously Halloween-themed acid trip of Red Harvest.

Consider yourselves warned: Grim Harvest is the sequel to Red Harvest and therefore, this review will have many spoilers for the latter. Get on that already! Among the walking read: staggering wounded is Dennis Barcroft, former lead singer of the Chalk Outlines and no-longer-recovering alcoholic.

Bloody, gruesome, gory, creative revenge. I mean sure, he could just kill everyone with a gun or knife or chainsaw, but it just so happens that he knows a witch who knows a spell to turn Nico and his biker friends into werewolves for a little extra havoc-wreaking.

by Washington Irving

And maybe, if Nico can figure out just the right spell and sacrifice just the right person, he could even bring Ruth back. My issue is more the sense that Grim Harvest is a placeholder between the major parts of the story, instead of a major part itself. All of the psychological fallout for each of them is explored in great depth and detail, throughout every scene, and in the end, each of them is fixed with a couple of sentences.

Greene has never really let me down. Sep 23, Susan rated it really liked it. There is a violent biker gang going to town with a spell from the local witch that will turn his gang into werewolves. The leader of the gang also has plans on resurrecting a mass murderess as he needs her help. Candace is in a foster home where her foster parents are not helping her get over a trauma she experienced.

She is scared that her brother will return from the dead and kill her. Will he? Her two friends Deshaun and Stuart are determined to keep her safe and alive. The local ministe There is a violent biker gang going to town with a spell from the local witch that will turn his gang into werewolves. The local minister has been sobered for some time but now is suddenly tempted with several bottles of his favorite alcohol.

Will he be able to resist this temptation? The fascinating characters with powerful conflicts made this a book a must-read for me. It is a horror story with surprising and satisfying twists. It is a suspenseful, well-told and imaginative story though also a grisly reflection on human nature. I think that you can enjoy it without reading the first book but I am going to read the first one.

The opinions expressed are strictly my own. Jul 27, Angela rated it liked it. There was a lot going on in this book, so gob help you if you missed even a couple of sentences. The werewolf biker gang? Could have been ditched altogether while still having some hopped up revenge driven dude coming back to town to avenge his lady love, thus kicking off all the subsequent events. The true shining horror of this story was a tiny little 10 page blip called Everett that could have been turned into a true psychological mind f, and gore fest.

The start was there, and then, before anything truly bad could happen, well. Read it yourself. The overall book wasn't bad, I enjoyed reading it, the whole cursed town is getting jacked up again on the one year anniversary is an appealing plot, I'm just sad that the one truly scary part of the book was so short lived.

Aug 30, Eloise Robbertze rated it liked it Shelves: horror. Greene is the second book in The Haunted Hollow Chronicles but can be read as a standalone novel. There is some history to the characters that spill over into the second book, but I did not feel like I missed anything major by not having read the first book.

Although, I enjoyed this one so much I will read the first one to make sure I catch up on all the characters and their development! I would reccomend this to readers who love this genre. Sep 18, Catriona rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed. A Perfect Read For Halloween! I loved Red Harvest, so I was delighted to snag a copy of the sequel. I wasn't disappointed. The elements that made the first book of the series a great read are here again. The characters are interesting and the plot blends the criminal and the supernatural very well.

The story's suspense begins building at once and will keep you turning pages. This second book has a deeper undertone of sadness for those who survived the shocking events of last year's Pumpkin Parade A Perfect Read For Halloween! This second book has a deeper undertone of sadness for those who survived the shocking events of last year's Pumpkin Parade.

Life has moved on in the small town, though a few are struggling more than others. Friends and lovers have been separated, bad habits are causing some to stumble, and more trouble is coming for them all.