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Same with the soldiers: we may work with maximum maybe , but you're replicating them to look like 10, or , Even the huge siege weapons work, like the trebuchets or the ballista-style Scorpion? Yeah, it's a fully working ballista.

It's like a giant crossbow. We have giant bolts and projectiles for it, and we do them in variations of rubber tips or we've got ones that break away. And we don't need the projectile to go as long -- we can use CGI, or we know how to cheat the shots. Action scenes often require multiple safety variants of each weapon, carefully designed to look like the real thing. Sometimes it's fun operating a trebuchet. But in the end it's just the biggest pain in the backside -- it's too big and when you have to start coordinating traffic control throughout the cities and how to get it into fields and stuff you're like, yeah, that was a great idea theoretically, but practically you never want to see it again.

Yeah, that's a beast. We're always arguing with production managers over the amount of trucks. Why does Nat and her army always need so many trucks? And I'm like, because this one holds a giant ballista!

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There's a lot of late-night phone calls from me to the production manager. I've gotten a few gray hairs before I should have. What's it like transporting all this deadly weaponry around the world? You gotta go through customs, I have to package in military-grade containers. They're going by road, they're going through extreme temperatures, so you have to understand the chemical natures of the weapons.

In Iceland it's subzero temperatures. You're going to have rust, you're going to have moisture. It's a lot of work drying and oiling and maintaining the leatherwork. When you get grit and dirt you have to clean things, and if you get a massive army, we've got fake blood, you're the one cleaning hundreds of swords. It's not much fun. Each material, aluminium, everything, may soak up fake blood or paint differently. It's just bloody hard work, all those weapons!

Sub zero working temperatures, Iceland. We had an army of in Morocco and that's sets of spears, shields, everything. Plus we try and double that for breakages. For me it becomes quite a big process, the logistics of it. I've got to get this stuff all around the world and back. I say sometimes I'm an arms dealer.

How do you teach actors and extras to handle the weapons? I get called in all the time for rehearsal. There's a lot of little tricks you pull them to one side and teach them how to walk and talk with it. I have one little lesson where it's like a handbrake -- when you're walking, you're sitting down or you're swinging past someone you pull your hilt in like a handbrake so you don't swipe everybody behind you with your scabbard. Which actors are the best fighters? There's some that are just phenomenal.

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He's just so sporty. He's so competitive. He's amazing. Maisie Williams was quite young when we got her so she took to it really well. Will there be more cool weapons in season 8? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. June 25, - Published on Amazon. I have owed Jim this review for some time, and am only now getting around to it, so if you hear of him dragging me off somewhere to discuss matters at length in retaliation, it's only fair.

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In return, I should divulge that I received my copy some time ago with the condition that I write a review on his behalf I envy you, new reader, for if this is your introduction to the Land of the Three Seas and the many colorful personalities and locations found within, you have the additional thrill of surprise to carry you from page to page. This is above all easy to read and entertaining without requiring too much sober reflection. By all means, do enjoy the experience!

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A cement truck then poured its contents on to the casket - but tragedy struck when the 'coffin' suddenly collapsed under the wet cement's weight. The Russian roulette-style stunt involved her slamming her hand down on one of three paper bags - one of which had a sharp, upside-down nail hidden beneath it. However, after the featured magician apparently got the bags confused, Marzena ended up shoving her hand down on to the nail and had to be rushed to hospital.

Drummond Money-Coutts, then 26, was left screaming in agony after an escape trick at the prestigious Gleneagles golf course in Perthshire, Scotland, in went very wrong. The former Eton student was handcuffed and tied to two golf carts, with the intention of freeing himself as the buggies started to drive off in opposite directions.

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However, he failed to get free from one of the ropes. Instead, he suffered severe cuts and bruising as he was dragged along the ground at the five-star resort. American illusionist David Blaine is known for his crazy stunts. But in , he risked death when he shot himself in the mouth during a bullet-catching trick in Vegas. Blaine, now 46, pulled the trigger on himself in front of 20, people, while holding a mouth guard between his teeth with a metal cup for him to catch the bullet in.

However, as he fired the bullet by carefully tugging on a rope attached to a rifle, his gum shield shattered and he felt "an impact" on the back of his throat. At the time, Blaine believed the bullet had gone through his head and that he was dead. But fortunately, he had survived - with only a lacerated throat. When Vietnam's Got Talent semi-finalist Tran Tan Phat brought out four glasses of water and one glass of acid in the show, he had no idea he was moments away from disaster.

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In an act dubbed the 'Acid test', Phat got one of the contest's judges to come on stage and shuffle the glasses around, including the one containing sulphuric acid. He then claimed he would use his magic to work out which glass had the dangerous substance in it. However, as the judges looked on, he chose wrong. Phat spat out the acid as soon as he realised what he was drinking - but not before his lips had swollen up and pain had shot through him, according to reports. And he relied on this skill during a show in South Africa in , when a man was speeding towards him in a car as he attempted to free himself from a jacket.