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According to Corbould, "the concerns of the writers and artists of the Harlem Renaissance, far from being a vogue made possible by white patronage that ended with the onset of economic depression, matched those of black Americans across the country. What Corbould's argument does show is that, while the term African American did not become particularly common until the posts, the identity it came to stand for had a much longer arc of development than we often assume.

Readings on Transnational African American History

And the term "Aframerican," proposed by James Weldon Johnson, was fairly widely adopted between the wars. Thus, we have brightly illuminated the road from "negro" to "Negro," and then on to "New Negro," to "Afro-American," to "Black," and to "African American.

In her telling, the s and s were the source of a rich, complicated, cacophonous debate about a name, a continent, and a nation.

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At once synthetic and original, this study makes a strong contribution to the already rich historiography of one of the wildest periods in the American racial past How did an expression of racial difference and the establishment of a new geography of identity come to so ably serve the national interest in pluralism and, later, multiculturalism? What history is inscribed into the hyphen between "African" and "American"?

Harlem AKA Harlem, New York (1930-1939)

Those interested in these questions should turn to Corbould's work for one set of provocative and compelling answers. Using a wealth of sources from histories to poetry, fiction, and essays, as well as the visual arts, theatrical productions, and other manifestations of popular culture, she tracks the complex relationship between U.

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This book, rich in detail and addressing a wide range of black cultural life, is indispensable reading for any scholar of 20t. Du kanske gillar.

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She has also published several articles on the transnational development of ideas about race and practices of racism and resistance in the US and Australia. Educated at the University of Sydney, Clare worked there from to In , she moved to Monash University as a Larkins research fellow and senior lecturer continuing.

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The first, supported by an Australian government four-year research fellowship, brings to life the process by which elderly African American men and women were interviewed in the s, 30s, and 40s. Submit Site Search Search.

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