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It could be a danger to parts of Japan next weekend. A tropical storm warning is also in effect for Rota and Agrihan islands.

Guam remains under a tropical storm watch. Hagibis will track west-northwestward over very warm ocean water and low wind shear, allowing it to continue strengthening as it tracks over the Northern Mariana Islands on Monday. Wind, heavy rain, battering surf and coastal flooding will increase Monday in areas covered by the typhoon and tropical storm warnings.

For now, the highest chance of typhoon-force winds plus mph are in the Northern Marianas, north of Guam. However, some bands of heavy rain that could trigger flash flooding, wind gusts and high surf are certainly possible in Guam as the center of Hagibis passes to its north. Hagibis is not expected to be as strong as last October's Super Typhoon Yutu , which was the strongest on record to track near Saipan and Tinian, but is forecast to be a typhoon over the islands, nonetheless.

After passing the Northern Marianas, Hagibis is expected to intensify into a super typhoon by mid- to late week over the Philippine Sea.

How Are Hurricanes and Typhoons Named?

Super typhoons are tropical cyclones in the Western Pacific Ocean with winds of at least mph, equivalent to at least a higher-end Category 4 hurricane. This makes this basin the most active on Earth. The peak months correspond to that of the Atlantic hurricane seasons.

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Along with a high storm frequency, this basin also features the most globally intense storms on record. One of the most recent busy seasons was Tropical cyclones form in any month of the year across the northwest Pacific Ocean, and concentrate around June and November in the northern Indian Ocean.

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The area just northeast of the Philippines is the most active place on Earth for tropical cyclones to exist. Across the Philippines themselves, activity reaches a minimum in February, before increasing steadily through June, and spiking from July through October, with September being the most active month for tropical cyclones across the archipelago.

Activity falls off significantly in November, although Typhoon Haiyan , the strongest Philippine typhoon on record, was a November typhoon.


Most tropical cyclones form on the side of the subtropical ridge closer to the equator, then move poleward past the ridge axis before recurving north and northeast into the main belt of the Westerlies. Within the Western Pacific, RSMC Tokyo-Typhoon Center , part of the Japan Meteorological Agency has had the official warning responsibility for the whole of the Western Pacific since , [29] and the naming responsibility for systems of tropical storm strength or greater since The list of names consists of entries from 17 Southeast and East Asian nations and the United States who have territories directly affected by typhoons.

The submitted names are arranged into a list, the names on the list will be used from up to down, from left to right. When all names on the list are used, it will start again from the left-top corner. A new name will be decided by the country whose name was retired.

Typhoon Lekima - China - Aug. 2019

Unlike tropical cyclones in other parts of the world, typhoons are not named after people. Instead, they generally refer to animals, flowers, astrological signs, and a few personal names. In Japan, people use the numerical designation of typhoons according to the sequence of their occurrence in the calendar year. Only 15 seasons had 30 or more storms developing since reliable records began. In the Philippines, the most active season, since , for tropical cyclone strikes was when nineteen tropical cyclones moved through the country.

The rainfall in Pingtung County reached 2, millimeters From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about Northwestern Pacific tropical cyclones. For other uses, see Typhoon disambiguation. For other areas in which tropical cyclones occur, see Tropical cyclone basins. See also: Tropical cyclone scales. See also: Tropical cyclogenesis. See also: Hurricane Alley.

Tropical cyclones portal. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres : D Retrieved National Ocean Service. American Meteorological Society. National Hurricane Center. Oxford University Press, Kaye considers typhoon "a special case, transmitted by Cantonese, from Arabic, but ultimately deriving from Greek.

TYPHOON | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

World Meteorological Organization. Hong Kong Observatory. Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Subject: A15 How do tropical cyclones form? Retrieved on Synoptic and dynamic climatology. Psychology Press. Monthly Weather Review.

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