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The approach shot often Now just three very simple questions. How do you measure it? This is a question that has so many important dimensions. One much more important than anyone seems to think. How much have you gained? Age and lifestyle take their toll. It seems inevitable. Most people, when asked, want to lose a few kilograms.

Hitting better Fairway Woods Tip 3. On the range, practise a slower, wider and more even tempo swing. Hitting better Fairway Woods Tip 2.

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  • Ten Things You Thought You Knew About Golf Clubs.

Too many golfers set up with their Fairway Wood, unaware of the low point of their swing. Improving your Consistency. Improvements will translate into not just a better score, but the added pleasure of more shots hit more sweetly.

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Avoid the frustration of coming up short. Exposing the challenges as you go up. Making the right decisions on the course. The soft landing we all want. Your new 7 Iron will go as far as your 5 Iron, but it still travels with a 7 Iron trajectory.

11 Mistakes Amateur Golfers Make

How did an inch become a mile? Whatever distance you can hit a 7 Iron, think again. Shaft facts for all golfers: Who needs to be Fit?

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  5. That is so wrong. Shaft facts for all golfers: Swing speed. Do you have a steady rhythm to your swing? Or do you have an uneven rhythm? Rhino Revolution is tackling the poaching crisis on three fronts: supporting anti-poaching activities, community environmental education and a rhino orphanage - rehabilitating orphaned rhino calves for release back into the wild. Rhino Revolution is tackling the poaching crisis on three fronts: supporting anti-poaching Donate here. Shaft facts for all golfers: Spin Rate.

    With a 7 Iron the right shaft can add up to 15 yards of carry distance. Shaft facts for all golfers: Weight. Swinging faster is just one of the factors in hitting a golf ball further. A story, published in Golf Digest, told of a 13 handicapper who added 29 yards with his 6 Iron, after a fitting. The impact of lie angle on your approach. Golf can quite literally be a different game. Hitting an 8 Iron, rather than a 5 Iron into a green is so much easier. Every golfer should play with the Irons that fit them.

    Have you thought about how nice it feels to hit a good Iron shot? And then to do it again on the next hole? We have some simple questions about your wedges. Playing different short shots can be easier. The width of the sole on your wedge, and the grind on the sole, can make it easier or harder to play different short shots. Are you giving yourself a better chance to score? From your full pitching wedge distance, how many clubs excluding your putter are you carrying in your bag?

    Making it easier to play short-game shots. Good technique is important if you want to hit yard pitch shots consistently close to the hole. But so is the state of your equipment. Aiming to do better. Perception and reality. Research by MyGolfSpy informs us that over half of all golfers have the wrong perception about their putting stroke. The perfect setup for a love affair. You can have a better relationship with your putter. Square down the target line. Is your putter your magic wand? Is it set up to allow you to square the face down the target line? What loft does your putter have?

    At the moment of impact, the putter needs to lift the ball out of the small depression it will be in, on the green. Your putter needs to match your stroke. The big equipment ideas in Soft compression. For a long while some discredited softer compression golf balls. The big equipment ideas in Materials. As they attempt to regulate the Tour Professionals, those who rule over the game have introduced rules to restrict the maximum spring off the face CoR and the maximium clubhead forgiveness MOI to try and slow down the fastest swingers.

    As they attempt to regulate the Tour Professionals, those who rule over the game have introduced rules to restrict the maximum spring off the face CoR and the maximium clubhead forgiveness MOI to The bigger problem with Grooves. A lot is made each year of groove technology in Wedges. Sharper, more precise grooves offering even more spin and control.

    That does rather divert us from the real issue with grooves. They wear. The advances in premium golf balls. In a recent, very insightful interview, Tiger Woods said that the game had changed in the last 5 years. Are you going longer and feeling good? The better manufacturers have now mastered creating cores that have a high energy transfer for fast ball speed from a low compression for great feel.

    Controversial compression and some myths. The impact of golf ball technology. You might not be trying to win a Major, but are you taking advantage of the improvements in golf ball technology? Social or competitive, being on the fairway helps.

    Justin's Guide to Golf: What you need to play golf (the pro shop)

    A fitting tee shot for your golf swing. Where do you fit and were you fitted?

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    Last week we reproduced some research into tee shot distances with the driver. Good work Golf Digest — where do you fit? Using data supplied by Game Golf, the team at Golf Digest produced a very interesting article that showed us the average distances regular golfers hit their driver. New Year resolutions by the numbers.

    A British health company completed extensive research on new year resolution and health and fitness, and found that of the population A British health company completed extensive research on new year resolution and health and fitness, and found that of the population. This club transformed golf for all golfers, not just the inexperienced. In The Red Zone.

    Yet this is the club that golfers most rarely get fitted. Everything starts with you. One of the great things about golf is that, while there are fundamentals, there are many ways to get the ball down the fairway, or onto the green. Feel the difference; it makes a difference. Club weight and swing weight are two that are often overlooked by golfers. Both will impact on the feel and your ability to swing with your best tempo. Swing weight and your consistency: a conclusion. There is no doubt that feel matters to all golfers. Feel counts, but so does consistency.

    In the search for improved ball striking consistency for you, we know we need to match the club weight and swing weight to your swing. Improving your shotmaking consistency. Should you be playing standard length? Longer clubs expose a multitude of sins. What length are your clubs? So why have club lengths got longer and lofts stronger? One argument is that the manufacturers know we love to buy extra distance.

    Another measure you can improve. Up to what distance are you comfortable with your ball striking skills and where does either or both of your ball striking and accuracy start to break down? How could you extend that distance? Is your wand magic by design or accident? You want a good roll. That depends on the dynamic loft and angle of attack at impact. So how much loft do you need on your Putter? Preparing for better golf: consider your golf ball. Technology continues to make it easier to hit the golf ball faster, higher, further and more consistently.

    Preparing for better golf: setup to succeed. But how many of you do? Reality is your best friend at the top of your bag. Most amateurs have a big loss in ball striking consistency the higher up the bag they go. Nine hundred yes, ways forward. The right clubhead design with the best compromise of forgiveness and control and hitting zone placement.

    The simplest equation in golf! We need to match ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate to get the maximum carry and roll. These two Wedges have the same bounce angle, but the one on the right raises the leading edge more, and offers more bounce, because the sole width extends the lower sole position. Does it make sense in the scoring zone? Great fun competing in a short-game event. Our mission is to help more golfers have more fun beyond the 1st tee.

    Two golfers are yards from the green. One is a very low handicap golfer with great ball striking skills. The other is an inexperienced golfer who struggles with ball striking. Blowing away the myths no. Many golfers think that as long as they know what shaft flex they require, then they can always find a club that fits them. Some use online fitting tools matching swing speed to flex. Some use online fitting tools matching swing speed to The multitude of club performance technology on the market nowadays gives you a lot more options to improve your game, but you can only really benefit from this technology if it is set up to your Which distance are you measuring?

    Nearly 40 yards of added distance! This high handicap golfer added nearly 40 yards to his tee shots with a fitted driver. Can you do the same? Are you leaving distance behind? There are a lot of golfers out there reading every magazine and online article or watching every advert or TV show to find extra distance. Why not get the job done properly?

    This golfer added more than 20 yards to his tee shots with a simple Driver fitting. Both these golfers see golf as a social pastime. It really does help to be a greenside magician. Another golfer, a regular challenge? Have you noticed how much trouble is short and right of so many greens? How can an assessment help? Do you recognize yourself; can we help?

    11 Mistakes Amateur Golfers Make - Cut These Out Of Your Game

    Sally's tee shots are a bumble down the fairway. How could an assessment help her? They should offer a consistent distance gapping from your longest Iron up to your Fairway Woods. Your Hybrids need to be more than just easy to hit. Why make the hardest shot more difficult? The Fairway Wood shot from the close-cut fairway is one of the hardest shots there is to play for most golfers.

    Many struggle to get this shot airborne on a good trajectory. So many golfers come to us with a request for a particular new Driver model and tell us what loft they need. A new model will create new launch conditions. Is gripping it the real problem? Tension is a killer in the golf swing. It easily robs you of distance. More importantly, once it inhibits your large muscles, then accuracy and consistency disappear. When we're looking at your golf swing and analysing your ball flight, despite all the advertising around 'deeper and lower' Centre of Gravity CoG locations, we're examining all of the impacts on An 'Assessment' is more than a 'Fitting'.

    There are many routes to that end. It's not the club at address that counts; it's at impact. Most everyone understands what the lie angle on their Irons is. There are some many brands and models of various clubs, we are spoilt for choice and there is something for everyone. On the other hand, having so much choice can make choosing which golf clubs to buy difficult.

    Knowing how to narrow down the options would have been great when I was buying golf clubs. You may have plenty of money to buy golf clubs but if you purchase the best money you can buy, they will not be suitable to your game. You must be honest with yourself and your ability. If you need forgiveness in your driver and woods, look for clubs that offer the most forgiveness. You do not need to have a complete set of irons to play golf. In fact, many players struggle to use 2 and 3 irons and therefore never have them in their bag.

    They instead opt to have a hybrid club so when buying a set of irons, think about which clubs you will actually use during a round. If you will never use a 2 or 3 iron, what is the point of having it in your bag? Do not rush the purchase of your putter. I made the mistake of buying the putter I liked the look of most.

    It was an interesting design and I thought it looked modern. However, when I got on the practice green with it, I struggled to make a single putt. The mallet design was not suitable to my putting style but I failed to take that into consideration when buying my clubs. The putter is arguably the most important club in your bag. Take your time when buying a putter and think about what you need. Have a practice using different putters in the store and see which one feels good before buying. One thing I failed to properly consider was the shaft options when buying golf clubs.

    The shaft composition and shaft flex are the two basic things to be aware of when making a purchase. Steel shafts are cheaper but graphite shafts are lighter and help with swing speed. If you are a beginner golfer, a graphite shaft with a softer flex is usually a good place to start. I thought buying golf clubs would be a simple thing.

    However, in hindsight I wish I paid a little extra to have a club fitting.